Australian Survivor Episode 22: BEST. TRIBAL. COUNCIL. EVER!


• Abbey Holmes is ruthlessly blindsided

Tonight’s Tribal Council was witness to a brutal take down that saw Abbey Holmes voted out of Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders, shocking both the tribe and the Jury.

Earlier in camp, Harry was determined to vote out his top-threat Luke, at the next Tribal Council and devised a plan with Baden and Abbey to target him, using Pia as back up, should he win Immunity.


Knowing that he was on the chopping block, Luke set out to try and find an elusive Immunity Idol.

Instead, he found a clue which led to a major advantage in the game: the ability to send someone at Tribal Council back to camp, meaning they couldn’t take part in the vote or be voted for.

At the Immunity Challenge, despite a strong lead from Abbey and Baden, it was Luke who was lucky enough to take out his fourth individual Immunity win, and once again ruined Harry’s plan to eliminate him.

Survivor Abbey Elimination

Returning to camp, Harry, Baden and Abbey congregated together to openly confirm their plan to vote for Pia at Tribal Council. As Pia and Luke watched on, Pia vowed that she wouldn’t go down without a fight, explaining that Abbey was a bigger physical threat to their game.

In an explosive Tribal Council, Luke announced that he wanted to play his game advantage, leaving both the tribe and the Jury stunned.

After choosing to send Baden back to camp, Luke continued to wreak havoc throughout Tribal Council by first whispering a plan to Pia and then one to Abbey.

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