ASTRA announces finalists for Industry Excellence Awards

Gogglebox Australia lands four nominations for ASTRA’s Industry Excellence Awards

•  New spotlight on stars behind the scenes

Twelve outstanding talents will vie for recognition in three new awards to mark the 20th anniversary of subscription television in Australia.

The Creative Professional of the Year, Rising Star and Television Professional of the Year will be announced at the upcoming 2015 ASTRA Industry Excellence Awards.

ASTRA is introducing the three new individual awards – plus one for teams – to spotlight the professionals whose work behind the scenes in television deserves formal recognition, like the stars themselves.’

Altogether, winners in 10 categories will be honoured at the ASTRA Industry Excellence Awards, which recognise achievement in marketing, public relations, advertising, social media and promotion.

“We continue to be impressed by the exceptional quality of entrants year after year – especially in 2015, as we celebrate 20 years of subscription television in Australia,” Andrew Maiden, CEO, ASTRA, said today.

“Our industry is incredibly fortunate to have such a diverse range of high­ quality content, delivered by wonderfully creative professionals.”

Award finalists are judged by leaders in subscription television and other creative industries, who assess each nomination on its objective, creativity, implementation and success.

The 2015 ASTRA Industry Excellence Awards will be presented in Sydney on Thursday, July 16, at an industry cocktail event at Simmer on the Bay, Walsh Bay.

The spotlight of the three new individual awards will shine on these 12 hopefuls:
Creative Professional of the Year
•  Carly Heaton (A&E, History, Bio and crime + investigation)
•  Mikki Katz (Premium Entertainment Channels)
•  Shannon Most (NBCUniversal)
•  Dan Aldridge (BBC)

Rising Star
•  Abdel Moorhouse (Foxtel Arts)
•  Zakary Chenoweth (Channel [V])
•  Nancy­Maree Ryan (BBC)
•  Topher Willis (NBCUniversal)

Television Professional of the Year
•  Jacqui Feeney (Fox International Channels)
•  Mandy Pattinson (Discovery Networks)
•  Geoff Crane (SKY NEWS)
•  Talia Greet (SKY NEWS)

In the fourth new category, M​ost Outstanding Advertising Campaign,​ the two finalists are Multi Channel Network and Foxtel.

Nominations for all team awards are as follows:
Most Outstanding Campaign Under $50,000
•  Gogglebox Australia: Gogglebox Yourself (The LifeStyle Channel)
•  Wild Australia (Nat Geo Wild)
•  #ANTMSelfie ­ Australia’s Next Top Model (FOX8)
•  Village Vets Australia: Animal Tales (The LifeStyle Channel)

Most Outstanding Off­Air Promotion
•  Game of Thrones Season 5 (showcase)
•  Gogglebox Australia (The LifeStyle Channel)
•  Cartoon Network Toon Machine (Cartoon Network)
•  Devious Maids (Universal Channel)

Most Outstanding Use of Innovation
•  Selling Houses Australia: Social Editions (The LifeStyle Channel)
•  The Revolution with Bert McCracken ­ iPad interviews (Channel [V])
•  Gogglebox Australia: Gogglebox Yourself (The LifeStyle Channel)
•  Syfy FanCam360 (Syfy)

Most Outstanding On­Air Promotion
•  Gogglebox Australia (The LifeStyle Channel)
•  Manesia (A&E)
•  Fox Footy ­ 2015 Season Launch (FOX FOOTY)
•  BBC First Launch (BBC First)

Most Outstanding Public Relations Campaign
•  SLIMEFEST 2014 (Nickelodeon)
•  Wild But True (Discovery Kids)
•  BBC First Launch (BBC First)
•  12 Monkeys (Syfy)

Most Outstanding Social Media Campaign
•  Selling Houses Australia: Social Editions (The LifeStyle Channel)
•  #ANTMSelfie ­ Australia’s Next Top Model (FOX8)
•  Devious Maids (Universal Channel)
•  Syfy FanCam360: Defiance (Syfy)

Most Outstanding Advertising Campaign
•  Subaru & River Cottage Australia (The LifeStyle Channel) [Multi Channel Network]
•  Holden Learner Dri[v]er (Channel [V]) [Multi Channel Network]
•  Dynamo Refresh Your Club (FOX SPORTS Pulse) [Multi Channel
•  Defence Force Recruiting ­ The Recruit Season 1 (FOX8) [Foxtel]

Gogglebox Australia h​as received nominations in four categories: M​ost Outstanding Campaign Under $50,000, Most Outstanding Off­Air Promotion, Most Outstanding Use of Innovation and Most Outstanding On­Air Promotion.
Australia’s Next Top Model (#ANTMSelfie), Devious Maids, Selling Houses Australia: Social Editions, SyFy FanCam360 and BBC First Launch each share two nominations.
In the team awards, The LifeStyle Channel is nominated in eight categories, followed by Syfy and FOX8 with three nominations respectively.
Source: ASTRA

Photo: Scene from Gogglebox

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