ARN’s brand new KIIS 1065 Thunderbirds hit Sydney’s streets

‘Take as much free stuff as possible to listeners all over Sydney!’

Today the all-new KIIS 1065 Thunderbirds promoting the ARN Sydney station hit the streets with a brand new look and a new mission – personally assigned to them by Kyle Sandilands – to “take as much free stuff as possible to listeners all over Sydney!”

On a mission of “taking the fun of KIIS 1065 directly to listeners, wherever they are in Sydney’s suburbs”, Sandilands personally oversaw the launch of the new-look KIIS 1065 Thunderbirds – playing a part in everything from choosing the cars and the design, through to today’s launch.

The co-host of the Kyle and Jackie O Show said: “I remember before I was even in radio one of the great loves of mine was to hear on the radio where the Thunders were because it was a way I could touch someone from the radio station rather than just hearing them.

“It seems so simple but I just loved it. This is a rebirth of old, great radio where we take ourselves to the listeners. It’s going to be brilliant.”

The new KIIS 1065 Thunderbirds are hitting the streets of Sydney from today.

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