APN Outdoor reveals insights into how Australians spend in summer

• Research report Go Out With Us released

APN Outdoor has released details of Go Out With Us, an exclusive research report it commissioned on the spending habits of Australians over summer.

Drawing on Dn’A, an in-house data and analytics capability launched by APN Outdoor in July this year, Go Out With Us offers new insights into how people behave over summer and how their spending spikes in a myriad of product categories.

APN Outdoor general manager, marketing, Charlotte Valente, said: “People’s behaviours change over the summer, which can make them harder to reach with advertising messages.

“But eyeballs don’t vanish when the weather warms up – they simply mobilise. Going to the beach and taking holidays are not the only thing Australians do during summer. There are numerous buying occasions over the summer period that span many categories, not just retail, but also finance, health, wellness, fitness, travel, food and drink.”

Valente said insights from Dn’A – which include over 34 billion data points covering transactional, behavioural and segmentation data – give APN Outdoor a unique ability to understand audiences and work with advertisers to create innovative campaign solutions that will have smarter impact.

“Dn’A offers advertisers the ability to connect our audiences’ intentions with their actions. Through our IRIS research we can understand what audiences claim they will do and feel, and Dn’A allows us to cross-reference this with their actual behaviour.

“Dn’A has uncovered some interesting and unexpected trends for marketers, such as the rise in spending on health and beauty spas and taxis/ride-sharing before Christmas, the product categories that benefit from New Year’s resolutions, and the peak spending times in the back-to-school market.”

APN Outdoor general manager, sales, Mark Fairhurst, said: “The combination of insights from Dn’A and APN Outdoor’s market-leading network of 40,000 high-impact connection points that reach 97% of Australians every day across roadside, transit, rail and airports gives advertisers the perfect way to connect with consumers over summer.”

Fairhurst added Dn’A had already been used by several clients to create marketing plans for summer.

“APN Outdoor is the ‘go-to’ media partner for brands to get noticed this summer,” he said. “We understand audiences better than anyone and with Dn’A we have real-world behaviour data to prove it. APN Outdoor provides brands with new opportunities and quality solutions to connect with out-and-about Aussies over the summer.”

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