APN Outdoor reveals new data and analytics capability Dn’A

• In-house data and analytics capability, 34 billion data points in stage one

Out-of-home advertising provider APN Outdoor might be in the middle of a takeover by JCDecaux but, for CEO James Warburton (pictured) and the team, it remains business as usual until the deal is completed.

APN Outdoor has revealed this data and analytics initiative:

APN Outdoor has announced the launch of its data and analytics capability Dn’A, a leading innovation that will maximise the impact and effectiveness of outdoor advertising.

Developed over the past three months by APN Outdoor in conjunction with leading data scientists from PwC and data from the data exchange technology platform Data Republic, the Dn’A capability and IP are owned and controlled exclusively by APN Outdoor and represent a significant investment by the company.

The first phase of Dn’A draws on attitudinal and behavioural data sources including anonymised, aggregated Westpac transactional data, Roy Morgan Helix Personas, The Nielsen Company, the Australian Bureau of Statistics and APN Outdoor to create a campaign planning and optimisation capability based on real-world behaviours. More datasets will be added as Dn’A deepens and expands.

APN Outdoor chief executive officer and managing director James Warburton said: “Earlier this year, we made a commitment to the market that we would invest in data innovation to increase the insights we can deliver to advertisers, to make their outdoor campaigns more effective.

“The first phase of our proprietary capability Dn’A is the result of that promise.

“Our mission at APN Outdoor is to deliver innovative media solutions that amplify, engage and inspire. What this means for our advertisers is that we combine powerful data and a national network of connection points to cut through and convince more of the right audiences to stop, look and interact with brands,” he said.

“Dn’A is a remarkable capability, one that will enrich our understanding of audiences and lead to smarter campaigns that will have smarter impact.

“By running Dn’A in-house rather than outsourcing it, we can ensure greater flexibility in terms of responding to our advertisers’ needs, expanding datasets and giving our clients the insights they need to drive greater effectiveness and better results,” Warburton said.

Dn’A is built around 34 billion data points – including 4.2 billion transactions – 300 merchant categories, 56 audience segments, 2,500 postcodes, 58,000 geographic areas and 15,000 Census variables.

Combined with APN Outdoor’s own datasets and media location analysis, the wealth of real-world behavioural data generated through Dn’A will provide unique and new insights into audience behaviour, help advertisers find and target new audiences and better target existing audiences. The result will be smarter, richer and more targeted campaigns.

Data Republic chief analytics officer Steve Millward said: “It’s fantastic to see APN Outdoor develop such a powerful tool using multiple data sources securely exchanged on the Data Republic platform.

“Our partnership with APN Outdoor ensures that maximum insights can be delivered to its clients through safe, multiparty data collaborations, where customer privacy is protected at all times.

“APN Outdoor are thinking big when it comes to data and we look forward to continuing to work with them to further enrich their Dn’A offering,” he said.

Warburton added: “For the first time, Dn’A will give APN Outdoor and our customers location-based behavioural data consisting of real transactions rather than claimed behaviour: what are the customers’ demographics, where are they spending, what are they buying and where are the APN Outdoor connection points that interact with specific groups of customers?

“And this is just the start. We will quickly add new features and datasets to Dn’A, to create more insights – all powered by real-world data.”

Warburton said Dn’A fits perfectly with IRIS, the creative and campaign effectiveness service APN Outdoor launched in February 2018, in partnership with the global media, data and insights company Pureprofile.

IRIS leverages Pureprofile’s consumer panel of more than 170,000 Australians who are active panellists. Through IRIS, APN Outdoor can run pre- and post-testing of creative work, conduct polls, measure brand health metrics and evaluate the effectiveness of ad campaigns.

Dn’A at a glance:

Dn’A is APN Outdoor’s powerful new data and analytics capability.

Dn’A is a proprietary capability, owned and controlled exclusively by APN Outdoor.

Dn’A has been developed over the past three months, in conjunction with the data exchange technology platform Data Republic and data scientists from PwC.

The first phase of Dn’A is built on:

• 34 billion data points, including 4.2 billion transactions
• 300 merchant categories
• 56 audience segments
• 2,500 postcodes
• 58,000 geographic areas
• 15,000 Census variables

At the heart of Dn’A are four sets of data:

Survey data through The Nielsen Company, Australian Bureau of Statistics Census data and APN Outdoor’s in-house survey data.

Segmentation data from Roy Morgan Helix Personas, as well as geoTribes and geoTribes Explorer.

Behavioural datasets such as transactional data from Westpac, with more to come such as online and mobile behaviour.

Geolocation data through points-of-interest data and transit mapping data.

Dn’A will continually be expanded with new datasets and features.

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