Andrew Mercado’s TV Guide: Shots Fired + Two new local ABC productions

TV critic Andrew Mercado’s rundown on what to watch on the box this week

Border Security: America – Sunday 8pm on Seven

When Seven starts screening Border Security from another country, it’s a good sign that a non-ratings break is upon us. Yes, after just two months of ratings, the FTA networks are so exhausted they already have to take a break for several weeks over Easter. At some stage, and hopefully soon, they may figure out that fed-up viewers discover a multitude of other shows to watch whenever this happens… like streaming anyone? There’s series 2 of The Get Down from Baz Luhrmann on Netflix and a new series of RuPaul’s Drag Race, snatched away from Foxtel, on Stan. But off you go everyone, have a good holiday, you deserve it… not.

Shots Fired – Monday 8.30pm on showcase

Fox’s new 10-part series flips around the racially charged incidents that have recently caused riots in the US by having an African-American cop shoot a white man. It’s an interesting premise that then hits on current issues by having another murder of an African-American teenager being ignored by the same police force. Oscar winners Helen Hunt and Richard Dreyfuss co-star along with True Blood’s Stephen Moyer.

The Warriors – Wednesday 9.30pm on ABC

No break for the ABC as they launch two new local productions this week. The first is this comedy drama about an AFL club and the new rookies who share a house with the team star. Lisa McCune is rather sexy as the PR manager and John Howard, who once starred in the movie of David Williamson’s The Club, returns to familiar turf at the MCG now playing the boss. It’s also great to see Matt Crosby playing a footy journalist, an actor I first remember seeing as the lone male teenager in the the ABC’s landmark drama Certain Women back in the 70s. This show is at its best when it concludes by putting one of its indigenous players front and centre – and the character steals the show by speaking from the heart. Thanks, Aunty.

Gogglebox UK – Wednesday 7.30pm on Lifestyle

Who else would be happy to have Gogglebox Australia on TV every week of the year? It is now one of the funniest shows going but since it insists on having several (too short) series every year, at least Foxtel is bringing the original version to fill the gap. The UK version has been going since 2013 and is just as wonderful to watch as its Aussie stepchild. An added bonus is getting some good tips on what British dramas and comedies are worth watching. Hugely recommended.

Seven Types of Ambiguity – Thursday 8.30pm on ABC

An ABC host just said to me that he didn’t want to watch this because the promos indicated it was going to be about a missing child and he didn’t want to see that again on TV. So let me assure you all that this is no local version of The Missing and the drama quickly changes gears from that original setup. It’s hard to figure our where this drama is heading but it’s right up there with The Slap when it comes to telling a very modern story about Australia. And the incredible acting performances, from Alex Dimitriades and Hugo Weaving to name just two, are nothing short of superb. This could be the Aussie drama of the year so don’t miss it.

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