After 5,758 shots, Nova’s Liam Stapleton nails a hole in one

Liam Stapleton

Ben and Liam made a bet that the person to get a hole in one first would win $1000

After more than 12 months and over 5,000 attempts, Nova Adelaide’s Liam Stapleton has finally nailed an elusive hole in one. 

Beginning on August 18 of last year, Ben and Liam made a bet that the person to get a hole in one first would win $1000. The hole was a 90-meter (approximately 98 yards) island hole, that involved hitting the ball over a body of water and into a giant cup on the other side.

With Australian gold medal-winning swimmer Kyle Chalmers watching on, Stapleton took a shot – that looked like it may have bounced off a support under the water – which found its way straight into the hole, setting off a round of celebrations that involved champagne and celebratory screaming.

The reaction wasn’t instant, however, with nobody quite sure whether the ball had gone in initially due to the bounce that made it look as if the ball had taken a swim instead. After consulting the video and confirming that, yes, the ball had made it in after what Stapleton called “a mongrel shot,” the 14 month and 5,758 shot long competition came to an end. 


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Earlier this year, A chat with Nova’s Ben and Liam took a turn for Andy Lee, as he joked about how Hamish and Andy would have been cancelled in 2022. 

On the show to speak about the new season of The Hundred with Andy Lee, Ben eventually mentioned the fact that all of the old Hamish and Andy shows have now been re-released for people’s listening pleasure.

As for whether it was someone’s job to go back through all of the episodes and make sure it all aged well?

“No!” said Lee. “There are so many things that would cancel Hamish and I. I promise you – because Hamish and I do another podcast called The Remembering Project where we listen back – there are things we listen back to and go ‘nah, we’re not going to say that in this day and age.’

“Someone can trawl through and if they really want to, they can get their knives out and finish our careers.”

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