Andy Lee admits to Nova’s Ben and Liam that Hamish and Andy would be cancelled in 2022

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• “There are so many things that would cancel Hamish and I”

A chat with Nova’s Ben and Liam has taken a turn for Andy Lee, as he joked about how Hamish and Andy would have been cancelled in 2022. 

On the show to speak about the new season of The Hundred with Andy Lee, Ben eventually mentioned the fact that all of the old Hamish and Andy shows have now been re-released for people’s listening pleasure.

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As for whether it was someone’s job to go back through all of the episodes and make sure it all aged well?

“No!” said Lee. “There are so many things that would cancel Hamish and I. I promise you – because Hamish and I do another podcast called The Remembering Project where we listen back – there are things we listen back to and go ‘nah, we’re not going to say that in this day and age.’

“Someone can trawl through and if they really want to, they can get their knives out and finish our careers.”

To make the point, Liam mentioned listening back to some of the old episodes as he drove to the studio ahead of the interview with Lee, and surprised him with audio from a 2006 show.

Hamish has been turkey slapped on the Hamish and Andy show!” Lee can be heard laughing in the old clip.

The show had gone to air after the infamous Big Brother incident where Camilla was held down and ‘turkey slapped’, causing a PR storm for the show.

“What are we doing!” laughed Lee. “I can’t even remember doing it, I’ve blocked it out of my mind!”

Thankfully, Liam jumped in with a key piece of information.

“The context here – that I think is important – is that you used a slice of turkey to slap him in the face.”

Listen to the full interview here.

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