Adshel New Zealand introduces Live Panoramas format

It combines Adshel’s static Panorama format with the smart digital capability and technology of Adshel Live.

The new ad format will be initially launched in three locations: two in Auckland and one in Wellington.

Adshel New Zealand has expanded of its Immerse portfolio of products with the addition of Adshel Live Panoramas. It combines Adshel’s static Panorama format with the smart digital capability and technology of Adshel Live.

Adshel Immerse will now allow another option for advertisers to wrap an entire bus shelter containing a digital screen and utilising all six creative rotations on that screen exclusively. This is equivalent to advertising a 6×3 billboard at street level.

Adshel sales and marketing director Ben Gibb said: “Our traditional Panorama product has been a popular way of delivering large format impact at street level. In recent years we’ve converted some of our best Adshel Immerse sites to Adshel Live sites. Adshel Live Panoramas will enable advertisers to completely takeover the bus shelter and the digital screen. To combine the impact of a Panorama with the opportunity to engage audiences further across all six creative rotations on our high-definition digital screen is extremely appealing to our clients.”

The format will initially be launched at three high profile sites located on Auckland’s Queen Street and Ponsonby Road, and on Wellington’s Oriental Parade.

Gibb said: “These sites have been selected based on a combination of high pedestrian and vehicle traffic, proximity to key retail, entertainment and recreation districts, transport hubs, restaurants, bars and cafes.”

All Adshel Live Panorama sites feature state of the art 75-inch, ultra-high definition screens capable of 4K content, which adapt to the ambient light conditions. The format will be available from October 1.

With the expansion of the Adshel Live network to 283 screens by October 2018, the Adshel Live network will deliver over 4 million contacts (DTVs) per day.

In addition to Adshel Live Panoramas and the standard Panorama format, Adshel Immerse also encompasses special builds and unique printing techniques that allow advertisers to create a bespoke brand experience, by taking over a bus shelter and bringing creative concepts to life.

This development is part of Adshel’s continued commitment to drive creativity and innovation within the sector and deliver impact at street level.

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