Adshel adds 110 new digital screens

Adshel adds 110 digital screens: network now includes 535 advertising opportunities

• Adshel network now includes more than 535 roadside and rail digital screens

Adshel has further expanded its digital street furniture network in Australia and has switched on an additional 110 digital screens nationally, enhancing its extensive network, which includes more than 535 roadside and rail digital screens.

Following the rollout of Adshel Live phase two in New Zealand in July this year, this Australian expansion will bring the total number of digital screens across its Trans-Tasman network to 665 screens – a total which is set to rise in 2017, as Adshel Live continues to deliver contextual relevance at scale.

Adshel Live has seen high occupancy levels since launch in Australia in October 2015, with the digital network now delivering over 32 million contacts each week.

Featuring state of the art technology with advanced HD screens – the biggest digital street furniture screens in Australia at 86 inches – Adshel’s digital street furniture network continues to attract clients across the country.

Adshel CEO Rob Atkinson

Adshel CEO Rob Atkinson

Adshel’s chief executive Rob Atkinson said: “Adshel Live has proven to be a great success for us, delivering engaging campaigns with true broadcast scale for our advertisers. This latest expansion will mean we can offer new ways to buy, with even greater reach. More screens equals better coverage, across a wider audience. But more than simply offering reach, the key is that Adshel’s digital network is able to offer advertisers unrivalled flexibility at scale, with the capabilities to smartly target audiences and respond to business needs instantaneously. This is what we call relevance at scale.

“Digital and data capabilities are driving growth in the outdoor market by marrying the medium to the message, and Adshel is at the forefront when it comes to innovation in those areas. Our research has shown that contextually relevant ads are 19% more effective, and we continue to work with our clients to create tailored campaigns and ensure they are gaining the full benefits of the Live product and our optimisation tools,” Atkinson added.

The Adshel Live expansion is live across Australia on 10 October, 2016.

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