Acceleration launches marketing maturity model to help marketers in the race to adopt AI

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The model is based on data from more than 100 completed AI transformation consulting projects and 30 different use cases.

GroupM’s Acceleration has launched a proprietary AI Marketing Maturity model to support marketers in their AI transformation journeys, maximise marketing performance, and drive long and short-term value from AI technology.
Developed by Acceleration — the data and technology consulting practice that is part of GroupM Nexus — the proprietary model allows marketers to assess their current AI readiness across six different areas and implement AI in their organisations thoughtfully, improving their overall marketing maturity. 

The Marketing Maturity Model will help brands maximise the positive impact of AI on their business and media performance, help unlock AdTech and cloud technology, and leverage Google’s Marketing and Cloud Platforms to enable marketers to harness and further enhance their own data, technology, people, and organisational capabilities.

The model is a framework based on data from more than 100 completed AI transformation consulting projects and 30 different use cases, which have produced improvements in media efficiency and lowered cost per acquisition across several industries. 

Examples of this include a 22% increase in media efficiency for a global FMCG company, a 16% lower cost per acquisition and a 15% increase in sales for an optical retailer, and a 14% decrease in cost per acquisition for a technology company, according to the practice.

The model assesses marketers’ foundational AI readiness, starting with a comprehensive diagnostic of existing data assets and AI activation capabilities, and establishes a maturity benchmark based on marketing analytics, digital analytics, commerce, creative AI, audiences, and bidding.

Acceleration consultants then support clients with the creation of custom transformation roadmaps, charting a course that leverages AI to achieve business KPIs. The model helps to move marketers toward achieving their future-state AI ambitions by prioritising the most relevant use cases to create immediate impact while building a path toward long-term value.

Nicolas Bidon, Global CEO, GroupM Nexus, said the 2023 Future of Jobs Report found 70% of marketers want to leverage AI but only 4% feel they have the right skills to do so.

“The need to help marketers adopt AI quickly, but thoughtfully, responsibly, and strategically is clearer than ever,” he added.
Grant Keller
, Global CEO of Acceleration, said the model is built on a record of real projects and cases across the mareketing maturity spectrum. He said: “Clients are aware of the opportunities that AI is presenting; however, to extract value from this new technology, they need to be able to link implementation to clear business outcomes. With this model, clients will be able to hone their AI proficiencies and drive marketing performance at scale.”
Tom Braybrook
, managing director of Acceleration, Australia, said it can be difficult for clients to focus on high yielding use cases when a technology, such as AI, move and evolves fast.
“Our AI Marketing Maturity Model has been built to help brands maximise business and media performance through harnessing the full power of their data, technology, people, and organisational capabilities – with AI as an enabler. It provides a framework for marketers to approach AI in a strategic and considered way, with the confidence that it is linked to clear business outcomes, and will deliver efficient and effective results,” he added.
The AI Marketing Maturity Model and associated consulting services will be available to clients in Australia, North America, the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Italy, Portugal.
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