2GB’s Ray Hadley forced off-air for medical reasons

“Thank you to all the people who have shown concern.”

Ray Hadley has been forced off-air at 2GB due to a medical condition, confirmed the station’s website yesterday.

After experiencing the extremely painful symptoms of diverticulitis, Hadley informed his listeners at 10.18am that he would need to seek medical help.

“I’ve been battling a problem since last night. It’s a problem that I encounter every couple of years. It’s called diverticulitis.

“I’m about to have, I think, an attack, and the only thing I can do is get to my GP, talk to him and get something done about it.”

Mark Levy stepped in for Hadley, hosting the final two hours of the show and will be back again on Tuesday.

Hadley has released a statement from hospital, saying he hopes to be back on-air on Wednesday.

“I’m currently in hospital having been admitted for the third time in 12 months for diverticulitis.”

I’m hopeful of returning to work on Wednesday and I will be consulting my surgeon about a more permanent solution – which may well involve surgery during my summer break.

“Thank you to all the people who have shown concern.”

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