2GB’s Money News to get new host after Ross Greenwood departs

• Greenwood’s TV future is unclear and is currently in discussions with Nine

Ross Greenwood, the host of Macquarie Media’s Money News program, is finishing his radio commitments with Macquarie Media and will not be returning in 2020.

“I have just turned 60 and have been working non-stop for the past 40 years,” said Greenwood. “This is a great time for me to stop and have a break from radio and then look at what my next steps are going forward. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with Macquarie Media, however eventually all things come to an end.”

Tom Malone, Nine’s managing director – radio, said: “Over the past 10 years, Ross has made Money News a key part of our radio schedule and I want to thank him for everything he has done. We understand his decision and look forward to speaking with him again next year about the role he can play when he returns from his break.”

The Money News program will return next year on Macquarie’s radio network. A host for 2020 will be announced in the coming weeks, but it is not clear if the program will remain for two hours from 6pm. A shorter version of the program ran on 3AW for an hour from 7pm.

Greenwood’s TV future is unclear after Nine reported he remains in discussions with Nine’s director of news of current affairs, Darren Wick, on his duties for 2020.

Greenwood’s TV day often started with finance pieces on Today and then again after 6pm on the evening news.

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