This week in streaming – 10 December 2015

What is streaming on Australian online video services this week? The Flash, Home and Away: An Eye For An Eye, and more.

By Dan Barrett

Stan is onto a winner with its acquisition of the US superhero series The Flash, which has been added to the service this week. As a charming, family friendly show, The Flash has very quickly built a loyal and vocal fan base that will be very happy to watch the show on the streaming service.

The show that will garner the most attention streaming this week is the Presto original special Home and Away: An Eye For An Eye. As evidenced by the high volume chatter about the show on Facebook, fans of Home and Away are very keen to check out the show. It was interesting to note how many commenters on Presto’s Facebook post were confused about the video on demand distribution model, its cost structure, and that it wasn’t a broadcast signal with a specific time to tune in. Clearly there is still some education that can be done in the local market to drive subscribers. The Home and Away special should do well as an entry point into streaming video for many of these potential customers.

For some lightweight viewing while you’re wrapping Christmas gifts over the weekend, the Netflix special A Very Murray Christmas is a very light watch. The special, which evokes the spirit of the old Bing Crosby Christmas specials, is an irony-free affair which will delight some, while frustrating others seeking a more meta TV experience.

This weekly update includes all shows added to local streaming services Thursday, 18 November to Wednesday, 25 November 2015. Stan and Presto listings are provided by the platforms themselves. Fetch TV, SBS On Demand, and Netflix listings are made available to us by Gyde.


Salinger (2013)
Liberal Arts (2012)
The Cable Guy (1996)
Running Free (1999)
Saving Santa (2013)
Romeo & Juliet (2013)


Crime Patrol (Season 1)
Power Rangers Dino Charge (Season 1)
A Very Murray Christmas (2015)
Atelier (Season 1)
Homeland (Season 4)
Puffin Rock (Season 1)
Sing It On (Season 1)
Rock this Boat: New Kids on the Block (Season 1)
Tree Fu Tom (Season 1)
Strange Hill High (Season 1-2)
My Babysitter’s a Vampire (Season 1-2)
Max Steel (Season 1)
Ella the Elephant (Season 1)

Tibetan Warrior (2015)
Team Hot Wheels: Build the Epic Race (2015)
My Babysitter’s a Vampire (2010)
Raise Your Voice (2004)
The Forbidden Kingdom (2008)
Hot Wheels: The Skills to Thrill (2015)
Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (2015)
Winter on Fire (2015)
A Woman Like Me (2015)
Crescendo! The Power of Music (2014)
Dealer (2014)
The Chosen (2015)
Tyke Elephant Outlaw (2015)

Presto - Logo

The Thundermans (Season 1)
Home and Away: An Eye For An Eye

Revenge Of The Nerds Ii: Nerds In Paradise
Splitting Heirs
All The Pretty Horses
Dark Blue
Look Who’s Talking Now
We Are What We Are (2010)
About A Boy
Little Nicky
Ward, The
Belle And Sebastian
High School Musical
Crimes Of The Heart
Cold In July
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Usual Suspects, The
Harold & Kumar: Escape From Guantanamo Bay
Speed Racer
Pearl Harbor
Hanging Up
Rabbit-Proof Fence
Serial Mom
Enemy Mine
Mama’s Boy

SBS On Demand - logo

The Chef (2012)
The Big Dream (2009)
Blue Jasmine (2013)
Kiss Me (2011)
State of Violence (2010)
The Tree (2010)
Climates (2006)

iZombie – Season 2 Episode 9
Ash Vs Evil Dead – Episode 6
Full Circle (Season 1)
Acquitted (Season 1)
The Flash (Season 1)

One Chance
A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas
Safety Not Guaranteed
It Follows
The Colditz Story
The Wicker Man

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