Box Office: Orient Express arrives at #1, but fails to lift weekend top 20 total

Orient Express and Thor dominated the dollars across the weekend

Despite having two movies earning close to $4m each, the total weekend earn of the top 20 movies was down 14% to $11.27m. Both Murder On The Orient Express and Thor dominated the dollars across the weekend, accounting for close to 70% of all box office revenue.

The last time two movies each did close to $4m was at the end of July when War For The Planet Of The Apes did $4.07m on debut with the second weekend of Dunkirk on $3.92m.

#1 Murder On The Orient Express $3.85m

After a movie back in 1974 of the Agatha Christie novel, and then a telemovie and a TV episode, another motion picture adaption features an incredible all-star cast under director Kenneth Branagh. The Fox release appeared on 333 screens with a screen average of $11,565. That was enough to push the movie to #1 on debut, narrowly ahead of Thor.

#2 Thor: Ragnarok $3.84m

Just a handful of tickets stopped the latest instalment in the franchise from spending a third week on top. The movie shed 250 screens down to 522 where it had a screen average of $7,364 as takings dropped 42%. The movie sits at $26.5m after the four-day weekend and only trails Guardian Of The Galaxy Volume 2 and Beauty And The Beast this year in terms of earnings.

#3 Bad Moms 2 $1.75m

Dollars dropped 38% on the second weekend as screens showing the sequel fell 70 to 370, which delivered a screen average of $4,736. The film has grossed $6.38m to-date.

#4 Jigsaw $455,000

A second weekend for the horror movie saw the film hold on just over 200 screens with a screen average of $2,268. Takings dropped 51% with the movie on $1.94m.

#5 My Little Pony: The Movie $228,000

On any other weekend this year, just over $200,000 would not have got you close to the top five. The second weekend here saw takings down 37% with screens again holding just over 200 and the second smallest screen average in the top 10 – $1,086, which was also the smallest screen average of any movie in the top five so far this year.

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