Yahoo partners with Adelaide to launch pre-bid segments through the platform’s DSP


The integration aims to simplify the application of attention metrics for advertisers

Yahoo Advertising has announced an integration with Adelaide, a company that works in attention metrics, to introduce high-attention pre-bid segments through the Yahoo DSP. This global solution, driven by Adelaide’s attention metric, aims to simplify the application of attention metrics for advertisers, helping them achieve strong business outcomes. 

Yahoo DSP is an omnichannel platform that offers expansive scale and a comprehensive suite of tools for data analysis, automated bidding, and optimising ad campaigns across channels. Its features, including predictive audience modelling and proprietary data sources, enable advertisers to reach and engage their target audiences. Integrating Adelaide’s attention-based metric, AU (Attention Unit), into the Yahoo DSP adds to the platform’s capabilities, providing Yahoo Advertising clients with a way to procure efficient, high-quality inventory.

“The integration of Adelaide’s Attention Unit into our omnichannel DSP further equips clients with insight into media quality and increases programmatic performance,” said Elizabeth Herbst-Brady, chief revenue officer, Yahoo.

Adelaide’s Attention Unit assesses a media placement’s probability of capturing attention and driving impact using a machine learning algorithm trained to proxy outcomes. By analysing a range of media quality signals, eye-tracking data, and full-funnel outcome data, Attention Unit reflects a score for each placement. 

“The integration of our attention metric, AU, into the Yahoo DSP reinforces our commitment to creating a more transparent media market,” said Marc Guldimann, CEO and founder, Adelaide. “We’re thrilled to partner with Yahoo Advertising to address the challenge of quality opacity in programmatic and help leading brands like Verizon achieve more efficient outcomes.”

Verizon, an early adopter of Adelaide’s solution, has found a strong correlation between Attention Unit and KPIs through the funnel. This success has positioned them as the brand launch partner for high-attention pre-bid segments within Yahoo DSP, facilitating streamlined advertising strategies and enhancing overall effectiveness.

“With the introduction of Attention Unit-powered pre-bid segments in the Yahoo DSP, Verizon is poised to bring real-time audience attention measurement and activation to the forefront of our digital practices,” said Karyn Johnson, vice president, digital media, Verizon. “We’re excited to continue working with Yahoo Advertising and Adelaide to maximise media quality transparency and effectiveness across our programmatic investments.” 

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