Yahoo launches new identity testing capabilities to let brands test ads without cookies

Yahoo Advertising

“Advertisers are looking to easily and accurately test solutions.”

Just days after Google began blocking cookies, Yahoo has launched a tool to enable buyers to test and compare campaigns with or without cookies and identifiers. The new testing capability, Yahoo Identity Solutions, is integrated into the Yahoo DSP.

The initiative is driven by the need for advertisers to comprehend and adapt to the ramifications of third-party cookie deprecation. As the digital advertising world braces for the imminent cookie deprecation, the move is aimed at providing advertisers with an advantage.

The core element of the offering is an A/B testing feature which promises advertisers insights into the performance of their campaigns within a simulated environment. The test feature allows advertisers to play out their campaigns in two scenarios – one with the existing third-party cookies and identifiers and the other using the new Identity Solutions for targeting and buying. 

Covering all web browsers and in-app inventory, the approach is meant to give advertisers the opportunity to test their campaign strategies for a future without third-party cookies, and make informed decisions about optimisation and measurement.

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“As cookie deprecation quickly approaches, advertisers are looking to easily and accurately test solutions without having to change the way they buy or introduce friction into their campaigns,” said Elizabeth Herbst-Brady, chief revenue officer at Yahoo.

“These new testing capabilities and our continued enhancement of Yahoo Identity Solutions reflect our unwavering dedication to providing advertisers with accurate insights and measurable business outcomes.”

Dan Richardson, director of data and Insights, AUSEA at Yahoo, emphasised the significance of identity testing: “These new testing features move Identity from back end to front and centre, right there in your campaign setup, giving advertisers more control and a bigger impact.

‘This underscores Yahoo’s dedication to a privacy-centric and results-driven ecosystem in the APAC region, ensuring advertisers achieve their business objectives with precision and adaptability.”

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