Yahoo and Taboola close its 30-year strategic partnership deal

Taboola CEO Adam Singolda

Adam Singolda, founder and CEO of Taboola: “We’re excited to officially embark on this journey with Yahoo”

Yahoo and Taboola closed their previously announced 30-year exclusive commercial agreement.

This unique deal makes Taboola the exclusive native advertising partner for all of Yahoo’s digital properties, strengthening Taboola’s position as a leading native advertising offering for advertisers, publishers and merchants on the open web.

The partnership brings Taboola to Yahoo’s iconic digital properties, which reach nearly 900 million monthly active users worldwide across mail, sports, finance and news.

Coupled with Taboola’s reach among 9,000+ publisher partners and 500M active users a day, this deal gives brands massive scale to reach consumers in Yahoo’s trusted editorial environments while also providing greater contextual data to reach consumers.

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Under the partnership, Yahoo also enhances its unified advertiser offerings, improves consumer experiences across its owned media properties, and benefits from shared value creation as Taboola’s largest shareholder. As part of the deal, Monica Mijaleski, CFO at Yahoo, has joined Taboola’s Board of Directors.

This partnership offers immense benefit for publishers working with Taboola in terms of revenue, engagement and audiences. Through combined demand of Yahoo and Taboola, publishers, including Yahoo’s owned and operated properties will get more premium advertisers bidding on the Taboola network, increasing quality and yields automatically. The collaboration will also develop new contextual segments for advertisers so that as they find it harder to buy on social networks, they can rely on Taboola to make them successful, which will also increase yield.
“We’re excited to officially embark on this journey with Yahoo,” said Adam Singolda, Founder and CEO of Taboola.
“This is a pivotal moment in our mission to build an even larger open web company outside the walled gardens, using massive scale contextual segments from Taboola’s reach of 500M people a day, and Yahoo reaching almost 900M people a month. As part of our combined journey with Yahoo, I’m excited to invest in big areas of focus for us such as eCommerce and Header Bidding.
“I am confident that every publisher and every advertiser working with Taboola around the world will feel the positive, meaningful impact of this partnership – more revenue, more engaged users, and more quality audiences. There is a wave of benefits coming our partners’ way. I’m very excited to have Monica Mijaleski, Yahoo’s CFO, joining our Board of Directors, and look forward to dreaming and executing together going forward. Today is just the beginning.”
Mijaleski said: “I look forward to joining Taboola’s board as we embark on this game-changing partnership.”
“Together, we will leverage our strengths and resources to create new opportunities for the evolving digital advertising ecosystem. I am excited to work closely with Adam and the Taboola team to achieve our goals, and unlock the potential of premium, native advertising on the open web for brands, publishers and consumers.”

Top image: Adam Singolda

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