Weekend TV ratings Saturday November 13, 2021

TV ratings

Nine dominates the week from The Block auctions to Bond in Spectre

Overnight TV ratings: Seven

Seven News was the #2 Saturday program in the TV ratings with 682,000.
The movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 followed. The audience of 270,000 was up 50,000 on The Order of the Phoenix a week ago, however it trailed the Nine movie and ABC’s British dramas.


The channel kept its TV ratings momentum for the final night of Week 46.
Nine News was the #1 Saturday show and then A Current Affair was #4 with over 500,000.
Topping off the Saturday domination was the James Bond 2015 movie Spectre which was top 5 and #1 non-news with 436,000.
Earlier in the day Getaway was just on 300,000 which was enough to rank inside the top 10.


The channel had two entries inside the top 20 – 10 News First at 5pm on 188,000 and then the Saturday encore screening of The Dog House on 161,000.


James Bond might have dragged away a few Grantchester viewers. The UK drama still managed 435,000, down 25,000 on the week prior and down 60,000 on two weeks ago.
The first episode of the new Ripley Road drama then also had enough viewers for a top 10 finish – 301,000.

Saturday TV ratings Metro primetime shares primary/network

ABC 12.0% (16.6%)
Seven 16.9% (29.3%)
Nine 25.9% (36.2%)
10 5.5% (11.3%)
SBS 4.5% (6.6%)

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Saturday TV ratings Metro top 20 all people


1NineNine News Saturday729,000
2SevenSeven News Saturday682,000
3ABCABC News535,000
4NineA Current Affair508,000
5NineM: Spectre436,000
7ABCRidley Road301,000
9SevenM: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1270,000
10SevenWeekend Sunrise235,000
11NineWeekend Today203,000
12SevenWeekend Sunrise Late200,000
13ABC KidsBluey198,000
14NineNine News First at Five197,000
15NineWeekend Today Late188,000
1610Ten News First188,000
17SevenWeekend Sunrise Early185,000
1810The Dog House Encore161,000
19SevenSeven News at Five157,000
20SevenBorder Security142,000


Saturday Sports FTA and STV


TV ratings

Supercars Championship
Race 26
Fox Sports 139,000

WBBL Fox Cricket
Heat v Sixers 61,000
Hurricanes v Strikers 45,000

F1 Brazil
Fox Sports
Qualifying 52,000


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