VOZ data reveals Total TV audience of 20m weekly

Kim Portrate Premium Content Alliance

Milestone moment for commercial TV with deeper insights for advertisers

As part of the wider media industry marketing body Premium Content Alliance, ThinkTV has welcomed the release of the first VOZ data.

VOZ broadcast viewing measurement brings together deduplicated national viewing on TV sets and connected devices (connected TVs, desktop/laptop computers, tablets and smartphones) to provide all-screen, cross-platform planning and reporting for Australia’s television industry. It was initially available to OzTAM subscribers in early July and a snapshot of the results are now released weekly on the VOZ website.

ThinkTV chief executive Kim Portrate told Mediaweek: “We actually have a bigger audience across TV than we think. VOZ is the first opportunity we have had to demonstrate that.

“The reason for that is we have deduplicated reach and frequency across the whole country. This allows us to talk about Total TV with 100% confidence with BVOD measured alongside linear TV. On average we are seeing a weekly TV audience over 20m which is massive.


Portrate noted that the VOZ data now available to the market puts Australia at the forefront of the world’s best practice when it comes to giving advertisers insights into the size, reach and make-up of TV audiences.

“We have been saying for a while that TV is an anytime, anywhere experience and Total TV and the reports available demonstrate that.

Advertisers and media agencies will be able to now get a true measure of the national audience which gives them the complete picture of who’s actually engaging with brands. It also has really useful demographic information.

To illustrate her point, Portrate pointed to the week of July 25-31, when 687,000 18–24-year-olds watched linear and 488,000 were watching BVOD. There were 582,000 watching both.

Over the course of the next 6-12 months we will start to break down some of the myths surrounding TV audiences.

“This information about the total audience is super important to advertisers because it gives them greater detail about the people they are reaching. Deduplication is important as brands spend more and more on video advertising.”

The Total TV audience data is updated daily and is available a week after initial broadcast and coincides with the release of the OzTAM Consolidated 7 numbers.

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