Victoria Bitter launches its first major campaign via The Monkeys, ‘Means More’

Victoria Bitter 'Means More' campaign via The Monkeys

“Showing that a hard earned thirst doesn’t just take brawn, it also takes skill.”

Victoria Bitter (VB) has launched its first major brand campaign via The Monkeys, a part of Accenture Song, its new creative agency

Directed by Tim Bullock at Scoundrel, Means More sets out to honour the skill and intelligence behind hard work, within the framework of the brand’s existing platform, For A Hard Earned Thirst.

Ant Keogh, chief creative officer at The Monkeys, said: “We wanted to create something that felt modern and progressive, while staying true to VB’s roots. So, we chose to elevate and celebrate the skills of some of Australia’s hardest workers, showing that a hard earned thirst doesn’t just take brawn, it also takes skill.”

Sarah Wilcox, head of classic beer – marketing at Carlton & United Breweries, added, “VB’s strong values and assets are well established. This campaign seeks to build upon these, while adding relevance to new audiences, by elevating hard work to a new level. We’re not just celebrating sweat and effort; we’re also celebrating skills and smarts.

The integrated campaign has launched across broadcast television, outdoor, radio, online and social.

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Client: Carlton & United Breweries 

General manager – marketing: Nicole McMillan
Head of classic beer – marketing: Sarah Wilcox
Marketing manager – Victoria Bitter: Marc Lord
Assistant brand manager – Victoria Bitter: Ben Haysman & Gianni Cozzi

Creative agency: The Monkeys, part of Accenture Song 
Chief executive officer: Paul McMillan
Chief creative officer: Ant Keogh
Chief strategy officer: Michael Derepas
Strategy director: Dave Collins
Creative directors: Hugh Gurney, Joe Sibley, Adam Slater, Connor Beaver
National head of production / producer: Romanca Mundrea
Senior producer: Katie Wellbelove 
General manager: Sophie Gosper 
Account director: Allan Carlow  
Account manager: Isaac Montebello 

Production company: Scoundrel 
Director: Tim Bullock 
Executive producers: Adrian Shapiro & Kate Gooden  
Associate executive producer: Morgan Benson-Taylor 
Director of photography: Jeremy Rouse 
Art director: Alex Holmes 
Editor: Adam Wills 
Colourist: Ben Eagleton
Online: Soren Dyne 
Casting: Natalie Jane Harvie – Citizen Jane

Sound: Paul Le Couteur – Squeak E. Clean 
Executive producer: Ceri Davies

Photography – Michael Malherbe

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