We know who won the US Election, but who won the ratings?

Seven actually #1 Wednesday… or did ABC + ABC2 have bigger crowds?

The 2016 US Election coverage has driven record-breaking cross-platform ABC audience results, claims the broadcaster:

ABC News Digital achieved its highest-ever number of visitors – ahead of the Sydney siege and the 2016 Federal Election – with 5.1 million visitors to the site. The previous biggest daily visitors result was for the Sydney siege coverage at 3.5 million.

ABC News Digital also posted its highest-ever visits result, with 6.9 million visits, 46% of them from a mobile device.

The live blog achieved record traffic during a single day, with 3.7 million page views.

The ABC also had the most-watched television coverage across daytime with a combined (ABC TV + ABC News 24) audience share of 17.4% (Seven 17.2%, Nine 15.2%). ABC News 24 achieved a record-breaking 8.8% day-time share. The combined primetime share for ABC TV and ABC News 24 was 14.6%.

The ABC TV/News 24 coverage of the election (6am-midnight AEDT) reached 3.5 million metro viewers, equivalent to 21% of the population.

ABC Director of News Gaven Morris said: “ABC News was the only local news service to fully produce our own coverage right across the day with equal effort on all platforms.

“With audiences having ever more sources of information, Australians are seeking news outlets they can trust to explain complex issues. ABC News is committed to providing the news, context and analysis our audiences need.”

Meanwhile, updating our election TV ratings from yesterday, Seven has calculated it ranked #1 across the day for US election coverage on Wednesday.

Sunrise = 349,000 vs Today = 287,000
Seven News Election Coverage* = 259,000 vs Nine News Election Coverage = 226,000
Seven News = 1,176,000 vs Nine = 1,072,000

[Metropolitan markets: *Sydney and Melbourne 1000-1800, Brisbane 0900-1730/1745-1800, Adelaide 0930-1730, Perth 0900-1500/1543-1630]

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