TV ratings Week 44 2021: The Block and HYBPA? lead the rankings

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Last full week of The Block sets Nine up again for a win

Week 44 was the last week of TV ratings to feature four episodes of The Block on Nine. The hottest non-news shows for the other networks were Have You Been Paying Attention? on 10, Home and Away on Seven, Gruen on ABC and Coastal Devon and Cornwall with Michael Portillo on SBS.

Seven overnights Week 44

17.1% primary share, 25.5% network share

Seven News Monday to Friday and the Sunday bulletin were the most-watched news services of the week.
The channel’s next best was Home and Away on 576,000, up from 561,000 week-on-week.

Total TV Week 42

Hey Hey We’re 50 was the top show of the week with a Total TV ratings audience of 2,218,000. The Daryl Somers-hosted special had a BVOD audience of 95,000.

Nine overnights Week 44

20.9% primary share, 31.4% network share

It was all about The Block with the Sunday and Monday episodes leading the week with audiences of 1,101,000 and 943,000. The final Tuesday and Wednesday episodes for the year were both over 860,000.
A Current Affair was on 674,000, down a little from 692,000 last week. 

Total TV Week 42

The Sunday and Wednesday episodes of The Block were both just over 1.61m in Total TV with BVOD audiences for each over 120,000. The Tuesday and Monday episodes weren’t far behind, both over 1.5m.

10 Overnights Week 44

11.3% primary share, 18.2% network share

Have You Been Paying Attention? was the channel’s best with 695,000, close to the previous week’s 701,000.
The two episodes of Celebrity MasterChef were the next best with 573,000 and 527,000.
Gogglebox had a quieter week with 505,000 and 596,000 in Week 43. 

Total TV Week 42

Have You Been Paying Attention? made it to 1,155,000. Also over 1m Total TV viewers again was Gogglebox.

ABC Overnights Week 44

11.9% primary share, 16.4% network share

Gruen was again the channel’s #1 for the week, although week-on-week the audience was down from 699,000 to 642,000, the smallest number of the first three episodes.
Three other non-news programs cracked half a million – Australian Story, Hard Quiz and Four Corners.

Total TV Week 42

The Friday night drama Annika was doing the biggest business with 1,275,000. With all episodes available on iview, the BVOD audience for the week was 228,000.
Gruen and Four Corners were also over 1m.

SBS Overnights Week 44

5.3% primary share, 8.6% network share

Michael Portillo has remained at the top of the SBS rankings with the audience for Coastal Devon and Cornwall again over 250,000.
Australia’s Health Revolution was again #2 with 219,000, after two previous weeks close to 250,000.

Total TV Week 42

Australia’s Health Revolution topped the Total TV ratings chart for SBS with 512,000. The Australian drama New Gold Mountain was on 481,000 with a BVOD audience of 90,000. Michael Portillo had a strong showing too with Coastal Devon and Cornwall on 418,000 and then a repeat episode of Great American Railroad Journeys on 365,000.

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