TV ratings Week 43 2021: Scott Cam and feuding renovators win the week

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The Block sets up Nine for a victory: All four episodes in top 10

As the 2021 Block auctions loom in early November, the series drove Nine to a TV ratings win in Week 43.
All four episodes made the all-people top 10, but more importantly for the Nine sales team, the four episodes were the most-watched programs 25-54 during the week.

SAS Hell Week

Seven overnights Week 43
17.8% primary share, 25.9% network share

Seven News M-F remained a TV ratings winner.
The next best result was the 7NEWS Spotlight special The Vanishing with 596,000 on Sunday night.
Home and Away had an average of 561,000, down a little after a couple of weeks on 580,000.
Seven is working the SAS format as hard as Ant Middleton pushes the contestants. Audiences under 400,00 for SAS Australia: Hell Week indicate the viewers would much rather watch celebrities doing the hard yards.

Total TV Week 41

Seven’s biggest Total TV audiences outside of Seven News were Home and Away on 1,260,000 and SAS Australia with that week’s Monday episode on 1,202,000. The national BVOD audience watching SAS Australia was 152,000

the block

Nine overnights Week 43
21.1% primary share, 30.6% network share

Nine recorded its equal second-best since early July. The ratings surge was due to what was an unbeatable combo of Nine News, A Current Affair and then The Block.
With the feuding renovators now close to their auctions, the show posted good numbers as work progressed on the final indoor spaces. All four episodes were the four most-watched programs 25-54 for the week. All four also made the all people top 10. Three of the episodes were over 900,000 and Wednesday did 852,000, and was also a clear timeslot winner.
A Current Affair was up week-on-week with 692,000 being 10,000 more on average each day than the previous week.
60 Minutes had a better week too with 620,000 after 478,000 the week prior.

Total TV Week 41

Nine dominated the best performing shows in what was NRL Grand Final week. The total TV audience for the match was 3,753,000 with just under 10% watching on BVOD – 363,000.
With no Sunday episode of The Block in that week, the Monday episode featured the room reveals with a Total TV audience of 1,695,000.

TV ratings

10 Overnights Week 43
12.3% primary share, 18.9% network share

10 managed to rank #2 network 25-54 for the week off the back of key programs below.
Have You Been Paying Attention? was again the star performer with 701,000.
Just missing the top 10 was Gogglebox on 596,000. Both HYBPA? and Gogglebox were up marginally week-on-week.
The two episodes of Celebrity MasterChef were on 588,000 and 560,000 after it launched the previous week with 620,000 and 601,000.
The Dog House Australia was just over half a million while The Project 7pm was just over 400,000.
While The Bachelorette launch audiences were disappointing, the format looks more competitive when you drill into the 16-39 and even 25-54 numbers too. In won the former and was a competitive second in the latter.

Total TV Week 41

The channel had plenty of action with shows over 1m in Total TV numbers led by The Masked Singer season finale on 1,264,000 for the reveal and 1,037,000 for the rest of the final episode. Gogglebox and Have You Been Paying Attention? were also over 1m.

ABC Overnights Week 43
12.2% primary share, 16.6% network share

Gruen pushed out the ABC News for the biggest audience of the week with 699,000 after it launched on 658,000 a week earlier.
The 7pm News bulletins across all days of the week were close to 640,000.
Australian Story was up nearly 100,000 for its Max Gillies episode and Hard Quiz lifted from 552,000 to 594,000 week-on-week.

Total TV Week 41

Another five programs pushed above 1m in the Total TV data. Four Corners had the biggest audience of the week with 1,117,000 with just 2% of those viewings coming from BVOD.
Hard Quiz and ABC News on all days also passed the magic 1m mark.

SBS Overnights Week 43
5.0% primary share, 8.0% network share

Michael Portillo has returned to the top of the charts for SBS with episode two of Coastal Devon and Cornwall on 257,000 after it launched on 246,000.
Australia’s Health Revolution dropped from #1 for the channel last week to #2 as the audience dipped just slightly from 264,000 to 248,000. 

Total TV Week 41

The five biggest programs were Lost for Words (361,000), Adrian Dunbar’s Coastal Ireland (354,000), Endurance: The Hunt for Shackleton’s Ice Ship (346,000), Great American Railroad Journeys (332,000) and Secret Scotland (323,000).
If you program a series about travelling within the UK (or anywhere if it is hosted by M. Portillo) you can’t go too far wrong with SBS viewers.

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