TV ratings Week 42 2021: Seven wins despite late charge from Nine

TV ratings

Daryl Somers set Seven up for the win, News and SAS Australia strong too

The biggest shares of the week came on the first and last nights of the TV ratings week. (Week 42 ran from October 10-16 inclusive.)
The biggest was on Sunday where the Hey Hey We’re 50 special helped Seven to a network share of 35.3%.
The next best was on Saturday when Freddie Mercury, Queen and Adam Lambert secured Nine a share of 34.4% and nearly an upset victory for the week.

Hey Hey

Seven overnights Week 42

20.3% primary share, 29.6% network share

The smartest programming move of the TV ratings week was to first commission the Hey Hey We’re 50 special and then next to load it into a Sunday night slot. The result was a metro audience of 1.224m which makes it one of the biggest entertainment shows of the years, trailing only the season finals of The Voice and Married at First Sight, plus the audience watching Oprah with Megan and Harry.
Seven News continues to play its part in Seven’s winning weeks with wins at 6pm on all nights of the week except Saturday
SAS Australia did well, albeit a long way behind The Block. The SAS season final was on 631,000 after 585,000 watched the penultimate episode on Monday. A Wednesday Reunion special was on 474,000.
Home and Away was on 580,000 after 585,000 the week prior.

Total TV Week 40

The biggest Total TV non-news programs of the week were 7News: Disappearance of William Tyrell, three episodes of SAS Australia and Home and Away. All the shows were over 1.2m with one episode of SAS Australia and Home and Away recording BVOD audiences over 100,000.

TV ratings

Nine overnights Week 42

19.9% primary share, 28.2% network share

The Block room reveals on Sunday again led the week with 924,000. The remaining three episodes did 835,000, 846,000 and 898,000 across Monday to Wednesday respectively.
A Current Affair was the next best with a Monday to Friday average of 682,000, down on the previous week’s strong average of 732,000.
60 Minutes had an audience of 478,000.

Total TV Week 38

The Block led the week with a Total TV ratings audience of 1,806,000 with a BVOD audience of 187,000 for the Sunday episode.
The Monday and Wednesday episodes of The Block were over 1.5m and the Tuesday episode was just under that mark.
The audience for A Current Affair lifted to 1,185,000 with a big regional audience of 370,000 helping push it higher.

the dog house australia

10 Overnights Week 42

11.3% primary share, 17.7% network share

Three shows managed to break above 600,000 – Have You Been Paying Attention? on 697,000 (up from 642,000), and two episodes of Celebrity MasterChef – the launch episode on Sunday on 620,000 and then Monday on 601,000.
Gogglebox was not far behind on 577,000.
The premiere of The Dog House Australia did 481,000.
The Project didn’t have a great week with 403,000 at 7pm, down from the high 400,000s a couple of times last month.

Total TV Week 38

The reveals on the Sunday and Monday episodes of The Masked Singer Australia were both close to 1.2m.
Have You Been Paying Attention? made it to 1.146m with a national BVOD audience of 64,000.

Denis Handlin

Denis Handlin

ABC Overnights Week 42

11.7% primary share, 16.1% network share

ABC News led the rankings with 678,000 on weekdays and 643,000 on Sunday.
The return of Gruen on 658,000 and the Denis Handlin episode of Four Corners on 602,000 were the next best.
Two other strong performers were Hard Quiz on 552,000 on Wednesday and the launch of the crime drama Annika on Friday with 548,000.

Total TV Week 38

The broadcaster had five shows (News weekdays, Saturday and Sunday plus Australian Story and Hard Quiz) break above 1m with just the metro and regional Condolidated7 audience combined. The biggest BVOD audience was 28,000 for ABC News on Sunday and weekdays.

SBS Overnights Week 42

5.0% primary share, 8.4% network share

Australia’s Health Revolution hosted by the prolific Dr Michael Mosley pulled in the best numbers with 264,000.
Another regular workhorse for the channel was next with Coastal Devon and Cornwall with Michael Portillo on 246,000.

Total TV Week 38

Stonehenge: The Lost Circle Revealed had the biggest number with 432,000. The biggest BVOD audience for the top five Total TV programs belonged to Lost for Words with 24,000.

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