TV Ratings September 27, 2023: The season final of Thank God You’re Here had two very special guest judges

Thank God You're Here

Kristy “raged” over Leah on The Block

• Gatecrashers Amber and Mel eliminated from MKR

Total TV Ratings, September 20

1,126,000 watched Nine’s The Block as Brett was forced to apologise to the crew after swearing at them during an early morning interview, up 43%.

1,007,000 viewed Seven’s My Kitchen Rules where Gatecrashers Amber and Mel delivered sweet success in dessert, but their lacklustre entrée and main caused them to crash to the bottom of the leaderboardup 30%.

916,000 saw Home and Away as tensions between Roo and Marilyn arose while Remi lashed out at Bree, up 24%.

783,000 tuned into 10’s Thank God You’re Here as Melanie BracewellRhys NicholsonDane Simpson and Urzila Carlson stepped through the blue door, up 29%.

Overnight TV Ratings, September 27

Primetime News
Seven News 845,000 (6:00pm) / 836,000 (6:30pm)
Nine News 735,000 (6:00pm) / 731,000 (6:30pm)
ABC News 520,000
10 News First 185,000 (5:00pm)/ 136,000 (6:00pm)
SBS World News 143,000 (6:30pm)/ 118,000 (7:00pm)

Daily Current Affairs
A Current Affair 599,000
7.30 447,000
The Project 164,000 6:30pm / 313,000 7pm

Breakfast TV
Sunrise 204,000
Today 166,000
News Breakfast 139,000

Seven won Wednesday night with a primary share of 22.2% and a network share of 30.3%. 7Two has won multi channels with a 3.4% share.

423,000 began their evening in Summer Bay with Seven’s Home and Away as Dana was caught in the middle while Tane was troubled by the future and John got no sympathy. My Kitchen Rules followed for 575,000 as Gatecrashers Patricija and Brigita cooked for the first time. Their Lithuanian menu was not well-received by the guests or judges, with the sisters scoring 65, eliminating them from the competition. Unbelievable Moments Caught on Camera was up next for 138,000.

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Nine’s A Current Affair (599,000) explored a cosmetic surgeon who was confronted after patients claimed physical and mental harm. Then, 619,000 watched The BlockKristy shocked the Blockheads when she turned up at the Domain Listings Challenge after-after party “raging”, angrily asking Leah why she was there. According to Ash, Kristy later told him: “I’ve just seen your wife, she’s dead to me!” Following this, Kristy and Ash questioned their alliance with House Three. Then, 147,000 tuned in to Luxe Listings Sydney where tensions built between Gavin and one of his employees.

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On 10, The Project (164,000 6:30pm / 313,000 7pm) welcomed Rock and roll legends KISS to the desk, who are in Australia for their last-ever tour and to play at the AFL Grand Final. Plus, the program looked at how forensic testing has now confirmed that Heather Wilkinson, Don and Gail Patterson died of mushroom poisoning following a beef Wellington meal. Then, 463,000 stayed on for the season finale of Thank God You’re Here. Kitty Flanagan, Guy Montgomery, Marty Sheargold and Emma Holland took up the challenge when they walked through the blue door, while Glenn Robbins and Tom Gleisner shared judging duties. Ed Kavalee made a quick cameo appearance before Montgomery was named the final Bachelor of Bulls–t. Two episodes of The Inspired Unemployed (Impractical) Jokers followed for 218,000 and 165,000. During the first episode, they asked unsuspecting dental patients to open up and say ‘Arrrghh!’ while in the second, it was the final and they had to decide who would face The Ultimate Punishment. 

447,000 watched ABC’s 7.30 explore how a review of PwC had found there were several factors that contributed to “integrity failures” at the consulting firm. Sarah Ferguson also interviewed Simon Birmingham and former UK PM Theresa May, and two Holocaust survivors reunited after 78 years. 477,000 also tuned in to Hard Quiz before 258,000 saw Mother and Son where Maggie and Arthur weren’t speaking to each other after Arthur found out Maggie had plans to take her health into her own hands. WTFAQ followed as the team questioned whether Centrelink deliberately chooses bad hold music to make people hang up and if plants really purify the air. 196,000 tuned in.

The highest-rating non-news show on SBS was the brand-new SBS Original Series While the Men Are Away. 106,000 watched two episodes where it was 1940s Australia and the men are off fighting in World War II. Now, it’s the women who suddenly find themselves running the show. Frankie, who is left in charge of her suffering farm, enlists Gwen and Esther, city dwellers who are part of the Women’s Land Army, to join herself, local Indigenous farmhand Kathleen, and certified coward Robert on the land. 

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