TV Ratings October 26, 2021: SAS Australia Hell Week wraps up its season with two recruits passing

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• The Block helps build a winning foundation for Nine

Total TV Ratings for October 19 2021

The Block was the top non-news program in the total TV ratings with a figure of 1.537m, an increase of 22%. The episode saw Kirsty and Jesse fear they may have to sack their landscaper when they realise they won’t have enough money to pay him for Front Garden Week. 

Home and Away was the top program on Seven with 1.121m while SAS Australia: Hell Week had 717,000 viewers after going up 23%.

Dog House Australia was the top program on 10 with 831,000 viewers, going up 17%.

Love Island Australia was the biggest riser in the total TV ratings going up 79% to 683,000 viewers.

October 26 Overnight TV Ratings

• The Dog House’s ratings remain solid in week three

Primetime News
Seven News 923,000/947,000
Nine News 821,000/833,000
ABC News 636,000
10 News First 299,000 (5:00pm)/ 213,000 (6:00pm)
SBS World News 123,000 (6:30pm) 114,000 (7:00pm)

Daily current affairs
A Current Affair 728,000
7.30 440,000
The Project 254,000 (6:30pm)/416,000 (7:00pm)
The Drum 172,000

Breakfast TV
Sunrise 244,000
News Breakfast 204,000
Today 193,000

Late News
Nine News 94,000
ABC Late News 74,000
The Latest 62,000
SBS World News Late 37,000


Nine has continued its winning streak by claiming both the #1 primary share (21.3%) and network shares (30.9%) last night.

The Block was once again the top non-news program of the evening after bringing in an audience of 901,000 which was down on last week’s 928,000.

The episode saw Kirsty and Jesse and Tanya and Vito both forced to send labourers home due to shrinking budgets. Both teams were offered a helping hand, however, Foremen Keith and Dan‘s assistance at House 5 sparked anger from other contestants. Landscaper Dave Franklin‘s attempt at supporting House 3 also resulted in an awkward confrontation that resulted in Vito threatening to walk off.

Love Island Australia then followed with 239,000. The episode saw Emily Ward in tears after AFL player Mitch Hibberd revealed he no longer wanted to pursue a relationship with her and instead was interested in Tina Provis.

A repeat of Travel Guides then took 138,000 viewers to Vietnam.


Home and Away continues to provide Seven with a strong base at 7pm with the Aussie soap bringing in an audience of 582,000.

This was followed by the final episode of SAS Australia: Hell Week with 328,000 viewers tuning in. The episode saw the six civilian recruits go through the final two days of the selection process.  Phase one demanded a cat crawl race along a 30-metre rope, suspended 50 metres above ground on the edge of a cliff face. Isabella’s blatant display of disrespect saw all six recruits punished with a sickener, the worst type of beasting there is, which only ends when somebody quits. Despite Isabella’s actions causing the brutal thrashing, it was Mitch who was first to VW after two hours, sacrificing himself for the good of the group.  As her fellow recruits questioned Isabella’s integrity, the final five then bared their souls in an honesty test, telling each other the one thing they’re most ashamed of in their lives.

The last morning of the seven-day condensed course saw recruits tackle a variety of difficult obstacles on a two kilometre circuit. Isabella struggled, falling behind the other recruits, but her stubbornness to not withdraw only made the others suffer more. Chief Instructor Ant Middleton eventually told Isabella she was out of time and took her number, culling her from the course himself.

The four remaining recruits then faced their final mission: working in pairs, they had to jump from a helicopter into enemy territory, then – navigating their way with a map – find a cache of equipment, before completing a difficult hostage rescue scenario in a cabin filled with crippling tear gas.

Sarah and her partner James C were unable to complete the task, let down by James’ hesitation, while James F and Luke successfully rescued the hostage.

After one of the tightest deliberations the DS have ever had, Ant revealed that Sarah and James F had passed selection, with the other two lacking that tiny bit at the end to get them over the line.


The Project had 254,000 (6:30pm) and 416,000 (7:00pm) as it covered the federal government’s long-awaited climate plan. 

The Dog House Australia then aired its third episode which included Schnitzel, Frosty, and Raj looking for their forever homes. The episode had 507,000 viewers which was even on last week’s ratings.

The Cheap Seats followed at 8:30pm with 358,000 viewers.

On 10 Bold, the Matildas second match against Brazil had 166,000 viewers as the two sides ended up 2-2 draw.


The Greek Islands with Julia Bradbury had 311,000 viewers as the show went to The Sporades which is best known as the backdrop of the movie Mamma Mia.

Big Deal then aired its second episode, bringing in 230,000 viewers. The show is presented by comedian Christiaan Van Vuuren and is directed by Craig Reucassel.


The top program on SBS last night was a repeat of Great American Railway Journeys with 198,000 viewers.

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