TV Ratings Oct 30: Last great TV series battle of 2017? The Wall v Family Food Fight

Mediaweek editor James Manning looks at last night’s TV ratings

The Wall

• Last great TV series battle of 2017? The Wall v Family Food Fight
• Seven wins second Monday in 15 weeks: Viewers chose The Wall
• Nine’s Family Food Fight disappoints on debut with 600,000
• Sophie and Stu and Wil on TEN’s #1 Have You Been Paying Attention?

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Seven enjoyed its second-biggest Monday since before The Block launched. The only other big Monday in those three months was Brownlow Medal Monday.

It was the start of a new week for the 7pm soapie with Home and Away on 705,000 after a week 43 average of 659,000.

It was then time for what could be the last great TV series battle of 2017 with just five weeks of survey left. Seven’s The Wall was trying to find a game show audience in primetime with the carrot of the biggest prize money ever on offer $12m. Amongst its competitors last night was another game show in primetime – Celebrity Family Feud. At one stage on The Wall the contestants had a chance of winning over $2m. However, as the game progressed the amount dropped and they decided to take a safe option to walk away with $240,000. The show had a cracker of an opening night with 974,000 with all eyes now on how many will return for episode two tonight.

Next was the launch of Liar, the brilliant British thriller starring Joanne Froggatt and Ioan Gruffudd. The six episodes screened in the UK in September and October this year on ITV. The first episode managed an audience of just over half a million which seems about as good a result as you could hope for from an imported drama these days.


The channel is keen to keep its momentum rolling along with the chance it could overhaul Seven in combined channel share before the end of survey. That looks a little unlikelier now after a loss to Seven in primary channel and combined channel share which could set a bit of a pattern.

A Current Affair did its job at 7pm with Reid Butler working Saturday reporting on The Block auctions and the celebrity aftermath. Other stories last night included Tailgate Terror and Digital Detox. The Monday episode did 868,000 after a week 43 average of 733,000.

With Family Food Fight Nine was hoping it might successfully fill the 7.30pm slot with a new reality format to see it through the last few weeks of survey. The first episode, which started after a lengthy setting-the-scene explanatory intro, featured the families preparing a family food feast for the show’s judging panel – think MasterChef with families competing. One hour into the program and the families had plated up their meals. After chowing through six family feasts the judges awarded the first challenge to the Shahrouk sisters. The first episode had an encore screening on 9Life at 10.30pm. The ratings for episode one disappointed with just over 600,000.

After the two-hour FFF premiere, Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders episode five did 325,000.


Ninety minutes of Family Feud filled 90 minutes of the first 150 minutes of primetime.

Family Feud 6pm did 305,000 and then Celebrity Family Feud, featuring the families of Dave Hughes and Kate Langbroek which included the partners of both radio hosts. The program, which raised $40,000 for charity, did 439,000.

In between the game shows was The Project with Tony Martin one of the Monday guests. The 7pm half did 537,000 after an average of 545,000 last week.

Have You Been Paying Attention? saw Jane Kennedy on duty hosting with a panel featuring Wil Anderson, Kitty Flanagan and Susie Youssef. Guests included Sophie and Stu from The Bachelorette and singer Anthony Callea. The episode did 725,000 after 782,000 last week.


Australian Story featured an introduction from Stuart Littlemore and told the story of Elisha Rose who has lived with the shame and stigma of her father’s actions since she was 13 years old. In 1998, Lindsey Rose was sentenced to five consecutive life sentences, never to be released. The episode did 750,000 after 622,000 last week.

Four Corners featured a report on Germany’s new Nazis from the BBC’s Panorama. It did 618,000 after 779,000 tuned in last week for the controversial What’s Wrong With The NBN episode.

Q&A featured an intriguing lineup that featured Kevin Rudd, Judith Brett, Laura Tingle and Alan Jones with 575,000 watching.


River Cottage Australia delivered 176,000 followed by The World’s Most Extraordinary People on 195,000.

24 Hours In Emergency did 178,000 in the 9.30pm slot.

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