TV Ratings June 20: What crisis? TEN #1 as MasterChef posts 900k+ crowd

Mediaweek editor James Manning looks at last night’s TV ratings

• Network Ten – what crisis? TEN #1 as network close to #1 combined
• Heston army arrives as MasterChef posts yet another 900,000+ crowd

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The Home and Away audience was down from just under 800,000 to 753,000.

Otherwise it was a night of love at the channel with First Dates on 641,000 after a week 24 average of 534,000.

First Dates UK then followed with 392,000.


A Current Affair was down over 100,000 from Monday with the Tuesday episode featuring living on $15 a day, Disneyland down under and the work of the Border Force.

20 To One hosted by Erin Molan and Dave Thornton climbed close to 50,000 on last week, up to 572,000.

The growth at the lead-in didn’t play out well for Love Child with the show down week-to-week from 525,000 to 509,000.


The fact the broadcaster is in voluntary administration seems to indicate TEN doesn’t win many nights in the survey year.

However, the network staged a rally last night to rank #1 overall in primetime metro share. TEN very nearly grabbed top spot on combined share too where it was only outrated by Seven.

The evening started subdued with The Project 7pm on 593,000. Special guest was Joel Creasey.

MasterChef continued on through Heston Week with an impressive challenge last night against the backdrop of massive marquees set up in the middle of a dried up salt lake.

MasterChef has been rock solid for the past month on Tuesday with audiences bobbing around 900,000 and that continued last night with 913,000.

Shark Tank followed after the cooks and didn’t it do well – 749,000 on debut with the Sharks ready to invest and some optimistic entrepreneurs getting an introduction to the business world.

That audience is well up on the 534,000 NCIS did there last week.


Ask The Doctor featured alcohol last night as the show firms with regular number under half a million.

The third episode of David Stratton’s Stories of Australian Cinema was up slightly week-on-week from 592,000 to 619,000.


Michael Portillo continues to deliver via repeat episodes of Great Continental Railway Journeys. The show did a very stable 360,000.

Insight looked at pressures on medical professionals with 248,000 watching.

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