TV Ratings June 19: Nine’s comedy night trails Seven’s reality/drama mix

Mediaweek editor James Manning looks at last night’s TV ratings

True Story

• Nine’s comedy night again trails Seven’s reality/drama mix
• Hottest shows: Nine’s True Story, Seven’s House Rules, TEN’s MasterChef

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At the start of a new week Home and Away kicked off with 784,000 after an average of 756,000. That is close to what the soap has averaged for the past few weeks.

House Rules climbed back above 1m with more in the great outdoors attracting a Monday audience of 1.01m.

Wanted had a good recovery week-on-week with the Seven drama from Matchbox Pictures up from 633,000 to 759,000.


A Current Affair featured reporter Martin King back on the Karen Ristevski case. The Monday episode did a strong 960,000 after consistent weekly averages close to 850,000 for the past month.

True Story With Hamish And Andy was the #1 non-news program of the night with 1.02m, down a little on 1.09m the week prior.

Following in its wake was Here Come The Habibs! which did 638,000. The comedy seems to have settled close to 650,000 in its third week after launching on 819,000 a fortnight ago.

Two episodes of The Big Bang Theory followed with 446,000 for the first and 352,000 for the second.

AFL states then got Footy Classified where Nathan Buckley was a great guest standing in for Caroline Wilson. The show did 168,000 with 121,000 in Melbourne. The AFL Footy Show did 153,000 last Thursday in Melbourne.


It was Naomi Simson night on the channel with Shark Tank investment specialist cropping up first on The Project and then later as a guest quizmaster on Have You Been Paying Attention?

The crowd watching her on The Project was 605,000 at 7pm. The show averaged just under 600,000 at 7pm last week.

For Simson’s HYBPA? appearance she had a much bigger audience of 804,000. The show’s panel last night was Merrick Watts, Fifi Box, Santo Cilauro (for Sam), Ed Kavalee and Urzila Carlson.

The channel’s biggest show of the night was again MasterChef Australia. An audience of 839,000 was watching day two of Heston‘s road trip. Last Monday MasterChef did 847,000.


Australian Story did 664,000 with its story about Australia’s first in-house school lawyer, Vincent Shin.

Four Corners was on 548,000 with a story called Rise of the Trolls.

Media Watch was on 517,000 with items on Rebel Wilson and Network Ten.

Q&A was hosted by Jeremy Fernandez with 397,000 watching, down from 449,000 last week.


Dr Christian Will See You Now remains the channel’s weak spot at 7.30pm with 132,000 turning up.

The numbers lifted to an average of 211,000 for two episodes of 24 Hours In Emergency after 8.30pm.

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