TV Ratings June 15: Celeb Apprentice wraps its season with over 700k tuning in to see the winner

tv ratings

• On ABC Anh painted Marcia Hines as Rachel Griffiths explored the Archibald Prize

• Best of the Rest: Big Brother’s Mirror Room, MasterChef’s beef wellington

Primetime News
Seven News 1,102,000/ 1,090,000
Nine News 943,000/ 918,000
ABC News 690,000
10 News First 335,000 (5:00pm)/ 257,000 (6:00pm)
SBS World News 157,000/123,000

Daily current affairs
A Current Affair 732,000
The Project 289,000 (6:30pm)/ 459,000 (7pm)
The Drum 196,000

Breakfast TV
Sunrise 265,000
Today 202,000
News Breakfast 179,000

Late News
Nine News Late Edition 84,000
ABC Late News 76,000
SBS World News Late 45,000

Nine TV Ratings

The Celebrity Apprentice Grand Finale had 614,000 viewers as the show named Shaynna Blaze the winner after she raised a record amount of money for her charity Voice of Change, earning over $475,000 throughout the show including the winners $100,000 prize money.

She beat out comedian Ross Noble who raised $83,500 for the Australian Red Cross’ Disaster Response and Recovery in the final challenge, falling short of  $326,000 earned by Blaze.

In the episode, the pair was tasked with creating any kind of event they want to raise as much money for their causes, through any means they choose. 

While Blaze hosted a gala dinner, auctioning off big-ticket items to her high-profile guests, Ross opted for a vastly different approach to the open challenge in a way that only he could – staging a bank heist experience for guests, complete with explosions, getaway cars, and more.

The winner’s announcement had 733,000 viewers tune in.

The Weakest Link followed with 318,000 which was up on last weeks 284,000 as the show reversed the negative trend that it has had in the ratings since its launch.

Seven TV Ratings

Home and Away was the top-rating non-news show on Seven last night with 657,000, it was followed closely by Big Brother with 617,000.

On Big Brother Tilly reflected on life in the Mirrored Room as the rest of the housemates were losing their minds in Big Brother’s memory test.

SJ won the prize, which was a replay advantage at the next challenge.

When Christina won the challenge, SJ decided to roll the dice and force a replay. But when Adriana won the second time around, SJ’s actions earned her a nomination along with Marley and, as a safe vote, Ari.

While Adriana wanted SJ gone, Danny had other ideas, even pulling in rival Sid to help get rid of Ari.

Danny executed a perfect blindside and a devasted Ari stormed out of the eviction ceremony without saying goodbye.

The game wasn’t over though as Big Brother sent Ari to join Tilly in the Mirrored Room.

10 TV Ratings

The Project had 289,000 (6:30pm) and 459,000 (7pm) viewers as it talked about the Tamil family’s reunion after three years in detention and if they will ever get back home to Bilo.

MasterChef had 563,000 viewers as Maja was sent home from the competition for a second time.

The guest chef was MasterChef alumni Khanh Nguyen from Sunda. Khanh revealed his dish, pork wellington with lattice crackling and flavours of banh mi, and with four hours and 15 minutes on the clock, the contestants needed to complete nearly 100 steps.

Maja struggled throughout the challenge. The thickness of her pastry had stopped the inside of her Wellington from properly cooking. The pressure was too great and Maja’s errors sent her home from MasterChef Australia for the second time.

How to Stay Married followed with 245,000.

ABC TV Ratings

Anh’s Brush with Fame had 523,000 viewers as Anh Do tried to capture the essence of Marcia Hines on the canvas. 

Up next was the premier of Finding the Archibald with 402,000, as art lover and actor Rachel Griffiths embarked on a cultural romp through Australia’s most coveted and controversial arts prize, as the Archibald Prize celebrates its centenary.

SBS TV Ratings

The top program on SBS last night was Who Do You Think You Are? with 290,000 as the episode focused on former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

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