TV Ratings June 14: Live sport the centrepiece of schedules as Seven wins the night

Mediaweek editor James Manning looks at last night’s TV ratings.

• MasterChef ends South Australia week with Maggie Beer and the #1 show 25-54
• Live AFL and NRL the centrepiece of Seven and Nine schedules as Seven wins
• World Cup: 150,000 metro watch Russia hammer Saudi Arabia late in game one


The week of Home and Away came to an end with 601,000 (four markets – no Adelaide).

Thursday Night AFL helped boost the Seven primary share in Melbourne and Adelaide. Seven won Melbourne on 23.1% while in Adelaide share nudged 30%. The AFL audience was 416,000 with 223,000 in Melbourne and 125,000 in Adelaide.

The Front Bar followed the football with 236,000 across metro markets and 150,000 in Melbourne.


Thursday Night NRL was a winner for Nine again in Sydney and Brisbane with respective primary shares of 23.3% and 20.7%. Nine had the biggest live single-market sport crowd with 227,000 in Sydney.

The Footy Show followed the NRL in Sydney and Brisbane with 142,000 (77,000 in Sydney).


Wayne Brady was a guest on The Project and the program also reported on the latest in the Rebel Wilson v Bauer Media saga with Melissa Hoyer and Deborah Thomas commenting on the appeal result. The episode did 488,000.

MasterChef visited Maggie Beer last night with a pressure test that resulted in Jenny Lam going home. The regular episode did 787,000. An Adelaide Masterclass followed with former MasterChef stars Poh and Callum cooking from the wonderful Adelaide Market with 561,000 watching.

Maggie Beer on MasterChef


Grand Designs Australia was just over half a million followed by QI on 310,000.


SBS got a boost from the first match of the World Cup, but that came late in the night.

The Handmaid’s Tale delivered the biggest audience – 232,000.

Earlier, Great British Railway Journeys did 213,000.

The World Cup day one numbers:
Russia v Saudi Arabia 147,000
Preview show 146,000
Pre-match 140,000

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