TV Ratings June 1: Razor thin battle between Celeb Apprentice, Big Brother and MasterChef

celebrity apprentice

• Weakest Link reboot drops out of the top 20 in its second week of release

• MasterChef takes key demo of 16-39 but Nine news takes 18-49 & 25-54

Primetime News
Nine News 1,079,000/ 1,016,000
Seven News 1,042,000/ 999,000
ABC News 717,000
10 News First 395,000 (5:00 pm)/ 257,000 (6:00 pm)
SBS World News 186,000/162,000

Daily current affairs
A Current Affair 740,000
The Project 309,000 (6:30 pm)/ 519,000 (7 pm)
The Drum 209,000

Breakfast TV
Sunrise 256,000
Today 194,000
News Breakfast 193,000

Late News
The Latest 105,000
ABC Late News 78,000
Nine News Late Edition 71,000


Nine was the top network last night with a share of 28.4%, coupling the performance of its primary channel (19.1%) with 9GO! (2.6%), 9Gem (3.4%) 9Life (2.3%) and 9Rush (1.0%).

575,000 watched as Celebrity Apprentice kicked off at a junkyard as each team was given an investment of $2,500 with which the celebs had to scavenge the 10-acre junkyard and negotiate a purchase price with the owners of the items they find. The celebs then had to upcycle their items at a market with an expert appraiser choosing the winner.

The teams were able to raise $69,000 for the winning Project Manager’s charity. Team Fun-Raisers’ collection of items was valued at just over $6,000 while Team Momentum’s assortment was valued at just over $5,000, meaning that Team Fun-Raisers’ won and took home all $69,000 for Shaynna Blaze‘s charity.

The project managers for Team Momentum, The Veronicas chose forelady Michelle Bridges and Scherri-Lee Biggs on the shortlist for elimination with them. Lord Sugar chose to fire Bridges for having overlooked booking tradespeople earlier in the challenge.

This episode promised two eliminations but faded to blacks before Sugar announced it, meaning fans will have to wait till Sunday night.

The Weakest Link followed with the second episode of its reboot on Nine with 300,000 tuning in to see Magda Szubanski’s interpretation of the role made famous by Cornelia Frances. This result saw the show drop out of the top 20 programs for last night after the show posted 423,000 for its launch last week.

Nine has continued to pair the Weakest Link with repeats of Kath and Kim to make it Szubanski Tuesday’s with two hours of the comedy legend airing between the two shows. Kath and Kim had 140,000 and 97,000 viewers.


Seven was the top primary channel last night with a share of 19.3%, Home and Away was the top non-news show on Seven with 584,000 viewers, followed closely by Big Brother.

On Big Brother, 583,000 watched as Christina set out to get payback on Jess.

As the rest of the housemates endured hell in the panic room, Big Brother surprised lucky last Danny with a survival kit containing lollies, chocolate and a massive game advantage – a key – which would allow one of the next three nominated housemates to escape the house and eviction by safely hiding out underground until after the ceremony.

In the endurance challenge, Christina held on for five hours to take out the win, nominating Jess and safe votes SJ and Ari for eviction.

Danny sprang into action, sending Ari down the tunnel, making him safe from eviction and an ally for life.

“Daniel Hayes you are my guardian angel,” said Ari. “I’ve got nine lives in here. The housemates are trying to exterminate me but they can’t do it. I’m going to work with Danny. The two of us together could be a good little duo.”

After host Sonia Kruger explained Ari’s absence from the ceremony, housemates were forced to choose between sending Jess or SJ home, with Jess being the one chosen.

“It’s heartbreaking, that’s not how I wanted to end, not even close,” said Jess. “I honestly thought I was going to be safe, I just don’t know where the vote went. Christina got me and she won. If it was myself and Ari, it would have been a totally different story. If Ari was smart, he’d say to Danny that’s a very nice thing you did for me but I can’t do anything for you because the majority are in the other group. I think Danny will be gone sooner than later to be honest.”

The Good Doctor then followed with 343,000 which was up on last weeks 286,000.


The Project had 309,000 (6:30 pm) and 519,000 (7 pm) viewers as the show discussed the mental health of athletes following Naomi Osaka’s withdrawal from the French Open, aged care workers access to vaccinations, and Zoe Coombs Marr joined the show to discuss laughing through the lockdown.

On MasterChef, 557,000 tuned in as second chance week continued with Minoli De Silva being the first to win her way back into the competition after winning the pressure test presented by guest chef Anthony Hart.

How to Stay Married had 259,000 as the show covered being environmentally friendly and online debates. 


Anh’s Brush with Fame featured Missy Higgins who talked about her meteoric rise up the charts, with 542,000 watching as Anh tried to capture her warmth and humility.

Love on the Spectrum followed with 403,000 viewers tuning in for the third show of the second season as the participants continue to search for companionship. 


Insight was the top-rating show on SBS last night as it covered people who dedicated their lives to a passion and then walked away. This was followed by Dateline with 151,000.

Earlier in the evening a repeat of Who Do You Think You Are? had 179,000 viewers.

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