TV Ratings Feb 26: No second medical miracle for Seven as The Resident launches

Mediaweek editor James Manning looks at last night’s TV ratings.

• Nine gets 1.3m as Married At First Sight plays guess who’s coming to dinner
• Second elimination on My Kitchen Rules keeps Seven series over 1m
• No second medical miracle for Seven: The Resident launches with 576,000


Seven’s international homegrown soap Home and Away started a new week on 688,000 after a week 8 average of 670,000.

Episode 18 of My Kitchen Rules saw the contestants from group one return as they became the guests and jury at the MKR elimination house. The defence forces foodies Matt and Aly had an easy victory over Pat and Louise, who have departed the program. Chocolate ricotta cake was the downfall of Pat and Louise with both judges giving them 1 of out 10. Matt and Aly didn’t overly impress with a highest score of six from the judges for main and dessert, but next to their competition they were a long way ahead. The Monday audience was 1.07m after 1.12m on Monday a week ago.

The first episode of The Resident is one of Seven’s recent Fox acquisitions as it stocks its medical drama cabinet. Star Emily VanCamp has been good to Seven in the past with the hit drama series Revenge, which she featured in across five seasons. The pilot episode of The Resident was directed by Aussie Phillip Noyce and did close to 9m viewers in the US, but the numbers nearly halved for subsequent episodes. The pilot episode here did 576,000. No one would have been predicting Good Doctor-like numbers (which did over 1m on debut, has stayed there and picked up record catch-up numbers too), but Seven would be hoping for the series to hold above half a million.

Gordon Ramsay arrived later in the schedule with a visit to a hotel in Pennsylvania for Ramsay’s Hotel Hell with 203,000 watching.


A Current Affair had a very strong 902,000 watching after a week 8 average of 808,000.

It was time for homestays on Married At First Sight as the grooms received a reality check. Some handled it better than others. The Monday episode was on 1.32m after 1.29m a week ago.

Travel Guides saw the tourists in South Africa just ahead of the First Test later this week. After 375,000 last week, last night was on 673,000, which was a massive turnaround.


David Oldfield was on The Project but he only lasted a couple of questions in a busy episode. The 7pm segment was on 629,000 after a week 8 average of 488,000.

Steve Price interviewed Vicky Pattison on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! and there was also a pirate party in the camp. The Monday episode delivered TEN an audience of 579,000 after 538,000 last week.

Two episodes of Law & Order: SVU followed with 260,000 for the new episode from series 19 and 204,000 for the repeat. Gem started screening episodes from the first-ever series of Law & Order: SVU on Sunday night.


Australian Story featured a medical student who managed to become a doctor after his studies were interrupted by car crash that left him a quadriplegic. The episode did 608,000, up from 581,000 last week.

Four Corners examined dancing, drugs and rebellion in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The report from French filmmaker Jacques Dubois had an audience of 563,000.

Media Watch included reports on the Turnbull sex ban and the coverage of Emma Alberici’s tax report. The show did 552,000.

Q&A finished the Monday current affairs lineup with 435,000 after 404,000 a week ago.


River Cottage Australia included Paul West visiting a beer brewer with 155,000 watching.

Michael Mosley: Trust Me I’m A Doctor then did an improved 205,000 followed by a 24 Hours In Emergency repeat on 200,000.

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