TV Ratings August 29: The Block secures Nine win as cheating scandal blows up

Mediaweek editor James Manning looks at last night’s TV ratings

• The Block secures Nine win as scandal about cheating blows up
• ABC’s 7.30/The House next in key timeslot ahead of Hell’s Kitchen & Shark Tank

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After 696,000 to start the week, Home and Away dropped to 659,000.

Seven then asked its audience to spend a long night in the kitchen.

First up were back-to-back episodes of Hell’s Kitchen Australia, which pulled audiences of 504,000 and then 488,000. The numbers might be small, but the audience is dedicated with most staying on for the marathon session.

Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA followed with 240,000.


Shopping centre badlands was one of the reports on A Current Affair and it was enough to make you reconsider online shopping. The Tuesday episode did 887,000 after 922,000 on Monday.

The Block featured some dramatic highs and a body corporate meeting even more eagerly anticipated than a tribal council. The Tuesday episode did 1.09m to keep the show #1 for the night after 1.10m on Monday. The Tuesday episode last week was on 1.04m.

The season final of True Story with Hamish and Andy did 760,000 after 775,000 last week.

Two episodes of Kath & Kim followed from season two. The first ep did 433,000 followed by the second with 346,000.


Jada Pinkett Smith was a special guest with two segments in the 7pm half of The Project with 557,000 watching.

Shark Tank included Steve Baxter investing over $600,000 in an IT education business. The episode did 458,000 after 461,000 a week ago.

Then it was time for CBS drama NCIS, which managed 409,000 close to the series final. Although US crime drama is not what it used to be, NCIS remains the highest-rating US drama currently on Australian TV.


7.30 was second in the timeslot behind The Block, as was The House With Annabel Crabb. The two shows did 652,000 and then 634,000.

At 8.30pm Catalyst investigated alien life with 439,000 after 490,000 last week.


Share was down a little week-on-week with no Michael Portillo at 7.30pm.

Instead viewers saw the second episode of Spying On The Royals, which did 275,000, up from 263,000 on Monday.

A repeat of Insight did 228,000 followed by Dateline on 105,000.

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