TV Ratings August 21: Nine and ABC dominate Monday top 10

Mediaweek editor James Manning looks at last night’s TV ratings


• Nine continues to win big across primary and combined channel share
• Four of the top five Monday programs on Nine, ABC has four in top 10
• The Block well clear at #1 with Anything But A Bedroom Week under way

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Over the past few weeks Seven News has taken on more heavy lifting duties than it normally has. The one hour bulletin is critical to keeping the primary channel competitive in the early evening with the 7.30pm audience now sometimes half the size of the 6-7pm hour crowd.

Seven News started its new week on 1.07m and then dropped slightly to 1.0m after 6.30pm.

Home and Away started its new week on 725,000 after a week 33 average of 695,000 which was the first week under 700,000 since week 28.

Hell’s Kitchen Australia then saw the audience drop to 529,000 after 607,000 on Monday last week.

The second part of the special The Story Of Diana was on 463,000 after part one pulled 486,000 a week ago.


As A Current Affair claimed its third successive year as the 7pm metro ratings champ, host Tracy Grimshaw revealed her assignment last week was to speak with former Beaconsfield miner Todd Russell and his wife Carolyn about the breakup of their marriage. The special report led last night’s episode as the program started a new week on 867,000. ACA averaged 828,000 in week 33, close to where the average has been for the past few weeks.

The Block saw work underway on Anything But A Bedroom Week as one team went way over budget. The Monday episode did 1.13m after 1.07m on Monday last week.

This Time Next Year was down considerably with the week 33 audience of 930,000 dropping to 800,000 last night.

Footy Classified then screened in some markets with 227,000 watching, 167,000 of them in Melbourne. The big issues included umpires wearing grey while Caroline Wilson aimed an arrow at Craig Hutchison who she claimed had set himself up as a media watchdog. Hutchison said her criticism promised much, but delivered little. “You have made it about you when it wasn’t about you,” responded Hutchison.


Have You Been Paying Attention? was narrowly the channel’s best with 641,000 which is close to 200,000 below this season’s best. The show’s audience was steady however week-on-week.

The Project 7pm was on 631,000 ahead of the format reverting to six-days-a-week from next Sunday. The average for 7pm last week was 542,000.

On Australian Survivor it was back to tribal council after the twist on Sunday night where no one was sent home. Samatau won immunity and Asaga returned to the campfire. The nine members subsequently voted by a majority that Jacqui would be the one to leave. The episode did 611,000 after 625,000 a week ago.


The channel recorded its best Monday night share in eight weeks with four shows lodged in the top 10 (if you are looking at our chart don’t count Seven and Nine News as four programs).

ABC News and Four Corners were both close to 750,000 with the latter featuring a report from Michael Brissenden on Australia’s real estate obsession.

Australian Story was up marginally from 653,000 to 671,000 with a story about Australian Federal Police commander Grant Edwards.

Media Watch was just below 600,000 followed by Q&A on 433,000 which was up from 400,000 a week ago.


Medical Monday saw the biggest audience gather for 24 Hours In Emergency with an average audience of 189,000.

Staying Healthy: A Doctor’s Guide did 165,000.

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