TV Ratings April 4: Seven wins gold with the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony

Mediaweek editor James Manning looks at last night’s TV ratings.

• Seven share over 40% as viewers pick Opening Ceremony
• Seven starts 12 days of Comm Games gold with 2.0m metro

Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony highlights

Biggest opening ceremony in over a decade, outperforming Olympics (Summer and Winter) and Commonwealth Games in that period.

FTA Shares over 50% for all demographics during 1800-2400.

Opening Ceremony live streaming more than double Winter Olympics.

6.6 million viewers reached with Seven’s Commonwealth Games coverage yesterday.


The channel should be secure in top spot for the 12 nights of Commonwealth Games coverage and started with a massive metro share of 43.8% and a combined channel share of 52.7%.

Interest peaked in Brisbane where the primary channel was sitting on 65.0%.

While the audience of just over 2m is outstanding in the current climate, it is down on the 3.56m watching the Comm Games opening ceremony in Melbourne on Nine in 2006.


A Current Affair was on 646,000 just before the opening ceremony started on Seven.

An hour of RBT then did 370,000 followed by the 2014 Tom Cruise movie Edge Of Tomorrow on 246,000.


TEN News had the channel’s biggest audience with 428,000.

The Project did 395,000 with Russell Crowe including the program in his media blitz as he promotes a forthcoming auction of his collectibles.

An hour of Bondi Rescue saw both repeats close to 350,000.

A Graham Norton highlights program did 268,000.

This Is Us then did 114,000 after 9.30pm.


Hard Quiz had the biggest audience up against the Comm Games Opening Ceremony with 501,000 tuned into Tom Gleeson.

Mad As Hell then did 472,000 followed by Sando on 283,000.


The channel programmed a two-hour 9/11 doco against the Comm Games with 197,000 watching.

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