TV Guide: The Bachelorette Australia grand finale on 10 and 10 Play

The Bachelorette

• The final two contestants are Darvid and Jaime-Lee

The seventh season of The Bachelorette Australia has seen proud Noongar-Yamatji woman Brooke Blurton take control of her love story. The Bachelorette grand finale airs November 25th from 7:30pm on 10 and 10 Play.

In the penultimate episode of The Bachelorette, Brooke went on three special dates with final suitors Darvid, Holly, and Jamie-Lee, before saying goodbye to Holly at the end of their emotional date.

Holly surprised Brooke with a beautiful private show at the Sydney Dance Company. Later, the pair sat down to discuss the roadblocks which arose at hometowns. 

After a heated conversation around non-negotiables involving children and moving cities, both Holly and Brooke broke down as they realised their relationship couldn’t progress any further. That decision left the final two as Darvid and Jaime-Lee.

the bachelorette

Darvid and Jaime-Lee

Brooke first appeared on screens as a contender to secure the ‘Honey Badger’s’ heart in the 2018 season of The Bachelor Australia, but abruptly quit the show towards the end of the season after following her truth. The following year, she appeared on Bachelor In Paradise where she enjoyed a brief summer romance with fellow bachelorette, Alex Nation.

Earlier this year, Mediaweek spoke to host Osher Günsberg about what made Brooke so endearing as the central Bachelorette.

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“We’ve seen that she has boundaries that maybe some of us wish we could have had, like when she chose to leave Nick’s season in a quite dramatic moment,” Günsberg said. “That turned out to be the right move, as we saw what he did at the end of that season. We get to Paradise, and her heart is on the line. She’s showing how vulnerable she is, she says ‘Yes, I’m really interested in seeing Alex’, and then has to hear Alex go ‘Actually what I’ve got with this fellow is better than what I’ve got with you’. She was so sad, we saw her hurt, and now we really want to see her get what she wants.”

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