TV Guide: The Amazing Race season finale to air March 28th on 10

the Amazing Race Australia cast finale

• The final leg will be held at the highest point in the country, Mt Kosciuszko

As the second season of The Amazing Race Australia reaches the finale, it’s a battle between The Super Sikhs, The Cowboys, and The Gold Coast Girls for the $250,000.

This season was entirely contained within Australia. Leaving Broken Hill and heading to Sydney for the penultimate leg of the Race, The Super Sikhs had a home ground advantage.

Brendan and Jackson hit the mat first to meet Beau (and Greg Page, the original yellow Wiggle!) at the Pit Stop.

Waiting for the same train, the footrace was on between The Super Sikhs and The Gold Coast Girls. Making it to the Detour one step ahead of Ashleigh and Amanda, Jaskirat and Anurag came in second place.

Landing on the mat last, Ashleigh and Amanda were told it was a non-elimination leg and they lived to race in the finale. 

The Amazing Race finale will be held at the highest point in the country, Mt Kosciuszko. 

As of right now, SportsBet has The Cowboys down as the team to beat, with The Gold Coast Girls, Ashleigh and Amanda significantly behind.

The 2021 Amazing Race Australia top three

Jaskirat and Anurag, NSW, ‘The Super Sikhs’

Having met at a Summer Sikh youth camp 10 years ago, best mates Jaskirat and Anurag are extremely proud of their culture and want to show Australia what the Sikh fighting spirit is all about! Both men love being the centre of attention and would use the prize money to travel the globe.

The Super Sikhs came first on leg one, and have been formidable opponents ever since.

Brendon and Jackson, NSW, ‘The Cowboys’

Brendon and Jackson met through rodeoing over 10 years ago. They’ve been at the top of the pack and the bottom, but seem to have found their stride now.

The young dads would use the $250,000 prize money on their kids… and to get a new set of teeth for Brendon.

Ashleigh and Amanda, QLD, ‘The Gold Coast Girls’

Influencers Ashleigh and Amanda met by commenting on each other’s Instagram posts, and have been best friends ever since. Physically fit and smarter than they let on, Ashleigh and Amanda have been one of the season’s most consistently strong competitors.

The 2021 Amazing Race Australia eliminated teams

Alex and Jack, NSW, ‘The Twin Models’

The Twin Models started strong on the first leg, but made the choice to pull out of the Race due to Alex’s mental health.

Dwes and Katherine, WA, ‘The Kimberly Cousins’

Cousins Dwes and Katherine were last to hit the mat and eliminated on leg one, but were given a second chance after The Twin Models pulled out of the race. Their luck didn’t last though, eventually being eliminated for real on the tenth leg.

Jude and Shannon, QLD, ‘The Mums’

After being served a Sabotage card that meant that one half of the pair wasn’t allowed to say a word all day, The Mums were eliminated on leg three.

Malaan and Tina, VIC, ‘The Childhood Friends’

Island Week got the best of the childhood friends, who were last to the mat on leg four.

Shane and Deb, NSW, ‘The Parents’

In one of the saddest farewells of the season, Shane and Deb withdrew fron the Race on the morning of the fifth leg. After proving themselves to be fearsome competition, Shane injured his knee badly enough on leg four that he was unable to stand, let alone compete.

Jobelle and Rani, VIC, ‘The Daughter and Dad’

Going in as one of the underdog teams, Jobelle and Rani never gave up and went further than many expected. Eventually though, they were eliminated on leg six of the Race.

amazing race finale

Sefa and Jessica, NSW, ‘The Besties’

One of the most loved teams – and the most entertaining to watch – said goodbye in the Northern Territory, being eliminated on the seventh leg.

amazing race finale

Jordan and Violeta, VIC, ‘The Dancing Exes’

Some of the most graceful competitors, Jordan and Violetta danced their last dance and were eliminated from the Race on leg 12.

amazing race finale

Stan and Wayne, NSW, ‘The Bodybuilders’

The second of two stowaway teams, the Bodybuilders had a good run but were eliminated in Brisbane on leg 15.

Holly and Dolor, NSW, ‘The Power Couple’

After bickering their way around most of the Race, The Power Couple were eliminated on the 16th leg, as the teams headed to Tassie.

amazing race finale

MJ and Chelsea, SA, ‘The Footy Mates’

The first stowaway team to arrive were ultimately the victims of a bad set of directions. Their elimination came down to a handful of seconds, which was devastating for the ultra-competitive athletes. They were eliminated on leg 18.

amazing race finale

Skye-Blue and Jake, VIC, ‘The Siblings’

In another tough elimination to watch, fan favourites Skye-Blue and Jake were eliminated in the Blue Mountains on leg 20. Going out, the pair had nothing but good things to say about each other, with Jake saying that Skye-Blue has done with one arm than most people ever do with two.

amazing race finale

Chris and Aleisha, QLD, ‘The Geek and the Princess’

After a tough few legs with the entire alliance against them, Chris and Aleisha were only eliminated after The Gold Coast Girls gave The Super Sikhs the answer to a puzzle. They were last to hit the mat on leg 22.

amazing race finale

The Amazing Race Australia, The Finale, Sunday night at 7.30pm only on 10.

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