TV Guide: LEGO Masters – Australia vs The World

Lego Masters - Hamish Blake and Ryan “Brickman” McNaught

LEGO Masters: Australia vs The World will premiere on Sunday 14 April at 7:00 pm.

LEGO Masters: Australia vs The World will premiere on Sunday 14 April at 7:00 pm on Channel Nine and 9Now.

In the same year as the Olympics, it’s “Australia vs The World” at LEGO Masters with four new teams from Australia taking on four international LEGO counterparts from Denmark, Germany, France, and the USA.

Gold Logie winner Hamish Blake is returning to host, alongside judge Ryan “Brickman” McNaught. Special guest Sophie Monk joins the duo as well as appearances from radio presenter and comedian Michael “Wippa” Wipfil and Jordy Hocking from LEGO Masters season one.

The international teams have competed in their own local LEGO Masters competition before, but now they’re up against four Australian teams who comprise of the best new builders in the country, including a LEGO store manager, a LEGO art designer and an official LEGO master builder. 

The Aussie teams are coming into this season with a home-ground advantage, along with knowing exactly what’s required in a LEGO Masters Australia competition. 

The contestants are:

Ben (24) & Eric (21) – Australia
Dianne (59) & Shane (38) – Australia
Charlie (19) & Haley (25) – Australia
Sam (38) & Emilio (38) – Australia
Krystle (36) & Michelle (44) – USA
Felix (21) & Annalena (27) – Germany
Camille (34) & Caroline (22) – France
Peter (41) & Ida (33) – Denmark

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At an on-set visit in 2023, host Hamish Blake and judge Brickman said having teams from Denmark, France and the USA is “exciting”, however, nothing prepared them for German duo, Felix and Annalena. 


“The German team might be some of our favourite contestants of all time,” Hamish told Chattr. “They won the German version and they are like pro athletes!”

Adding that after five years of purely Aussie talent, the “newness of having these international teams” is fascinating, because they have “different ways of doing things”.

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