TV Guide: Big Brother Australia Grand Final on Seven

Big Brother

• The winner will claim close to $250k in prize money

Big Big Brother Australia will reach its conclusion on Wednesday at 7:30 pm on Seven. The final three was decided on Tuesday night with Chad, Sophie and Daniel fighting for the title of Big Brother 2020 and to claim close to a quarter of a million dollars in prize money. Viewers can cast their votes now at to decide the final winner.

Also on the Grand Final episode host, Sonia Kruger will catch up with all of the former housemates live from Sydney. 

Day 39 in the Big Brother house saw the Top 4 face one final winner takes all challenge. At the top of a long sloping track housemates released a ball and then raced to the end of the track to collect it before it dropped. They then returned the ball to the top of the track and released it again, periodically being instructed to add more balls to the track to make it more difficult. The last person with balls in play won the challenge, was guaranteed a place in the final three and had the power to choose the final evictee.

He then had the power to decide which two housemates to take with him to the grand final and who to evict. An emotional Chad listened to his heart and stuck to his morals, choosing cuddle buddy Sophie and “solid guy” Dan to join him in the final three, thereby sending Mat home.

The Final Three:

Chad Hurst

Chad Hurst

Chad Hurst, Sydney – “I feel like Dan deserves it. When Sophie made a return, Dan took it better. I think Dan’s a solid guy. I feel like he’s going to beat me, but I’ve played this game so that when mum watches the show, she’ll be proud of me. If I won this whole show breaking morals and making stupid moves that’s not winning. You get cash at the end of the day, but you don’t win as a person. Final three… I couldn’t be happier, I’m proud. It’s up to Australia now. Whoever wins bloody deserves it, dead set.”

Sophie Budack

Sophie Budack

Sophie Budack, Darwin – “I’m so happy, this is literally my dream come true. This is what I was striving for, I wanted a podium finish. Chad and I about to enter the real world together and I’m so excited to see where this relationship goes. It’s going to be good to get out of the house and give us a shot of normality.”

Daniel Gorringe

Daniel Gorringe

Daniel Gorringe, Melbourne – “I’ve never, ever, ever done something like this, I’ve never achieved anything close to this, ever. I feel like for once in my life I’ve achieved something. I’ve made people like my family and Ana so proud. That’s what I wanted to do, I wanted people to be proud of me. And hopefully now I’m in the top three I’ve done that and it’s an awesome feeling.”

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