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Australian Survivor

Up for grabs is the coveted title of sole survivor and the $500,000 prize money

Australian Survivor Heroes V Villains will see the final four – Gerry, George, Liz and Matt – do everything it takes to win in the grand finale on Monday, March 27 on 10 and 10Play at 7:30 pm.

Up for grabs is the coveted title of sole survivor and the $500,000 prize money.

The latest challenge saw the final four playing for an extra vote on the tribal council instead of immunity, which Matt won.

But in another surprise twist, host Jonathan LaPaglia revealed they would not be voting out anyone from the tribe.

Instead, he revealed that they would be voting for a member of the Jury to go home a member of the seven-person jury would be voted out.

At Tribal Council, the Jury discovered the news. The tribe discussed the stakes and Gerry revealed that there was still a decision to be made.
George checked in with him that he was still voting for Simon, and Gerry told him that he was concerned about the girls voting for Liz at the final Tribal Council. George claimed that Liz would not be in the final Tribal Council, and he was voting for Simon.

Matt used his two votes to vote for Shonee, and Gerry voted for her too. Liz stuck to the Simon vote and when it came time for George to vote, he did not hesitate to spell out Shonee’s name. Shonee was voted off the Jury and a shocked Liz suspected George, asking him and getting no answer.

With the endgame near close at hand, the final four know how critical their gameplay is.

At the start of the season George said he returned for the title and the prize money, joining the villain side. “I’ve left Bankstown, I’ve come out here to Samoa to take back what’s rightfully mine – the crown that Hayley stole from me. I’m not coming to Samoa for redemption. I’m coming back for salvation and as a pure Villain.”

Tourism pilot Gerry shared that he wasn’t fazed by the Samoan elements that will be thrown at him. “I’m as fit as I can be at my age, I’m a very social person, but I’m also strategic,” he said. “I’m going to be checking out all my opponents in the game, seeing which ones I can work and align with, who I can’t and as the game progresses, I’ll start playing the game bigger and bigger and bigger.”

Gold Coast lifeguard Matt revealed at the start of the season that he is ready to make big moves saying: “I’m here to play, not to just sit back and relax.”
“I might be the nice guy around camp, the nice guy to people’s faces, but I’m out here to blindside, to find Idols, make moves and play big.”

Pole vault champion Liz joined the villains and said she was ready for the challenges Survivor at the start of the season.
Liz believed if there was ever a tribe for her, it’s the Villains, saying, “I’m a good person, but my personality is very much larger than life – aggressive, short-tempered and a Taurus!”

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Top image: Gerry, George, Liz and Matt

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