Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains: Everything you need to know about the contestants

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Heroes V Villains will go head-to-head to outwit, outplay and outlast each other to be the sole Survivor and win $500,000

The new season of Australian Survivor will premiere on Monday, January 30 at 7.30 pm on 10 and 10 Play On Demand.

In this Heroes V Villains season, castaways have been sent to Samoa, divided into the Hero Tribe and the Villain Tribe.

Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains will see two teams of 12 deprived of everyday basic comforts, with little more than the clothes on their back. They will go head-to-head against to outwit, outplay and outlast each other to be the sole Survivor and win $500,000.

Across 47 days, these Heroes and Villains will take part in Reward Challenges, where they will compete for luxuries like food and camping essentials.

Joining the season are some fresh faces ready to take on the challenges and each other. Returning are some familiar faces ready to get their shot at the title and winning the prize money.


Australian Survivor

Benjamin, David, Flick, Gerry, Hayley and Matt

Benjamin, author, broadcast journalist, writer and creator of the TV Series The Family Law, LGBTQIA+ advocate, joins the Heroes tribe.

While he will go in with the heart of a Hero, Ben is also prepared to play a little dirty if he needs to. “I hope I bring certain values into the game like integrity, but at the same time, as a storyteller, I want all the complexities, and I know that villainous people are capable of heroic acts, and you might see the Heroes capable of very villainous moves too.”
Ex-AFL player David is a sporting hero to many, but he also knows not everyone will agree with that term. While he has a clear advantage in the physical challenges, it doesn’t mean he won’t get sneaky if he has to.
“Just because I am a Hero doesn’t mean I am not here to play hard. I think if you watch every superhero comic or movie. The Hero always comes out on top. But in the game of Survivor, I don’t think there is a line I am not willing to cross.”
was a finalist in Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn and is now ready to take the win. “Finally, I get to play Survivor on an island! It’s very on-brand for me, the outback was not. I’m way more in my element here,” she said.
The big wave surfer said: “What really grinds my gears about the Villains is probably the manipulation side of things. The lying, the cheating – I can’t stand it. It’s most definitely time for a Hero to win this game.”
Tourism pilot Gerry is used to the beach life, so isn’t fazed by the Samoan elements that will be thrown at him.
“I’m as fit as I can be at my age, I’m a very social person, but I’m also strategic. I’m going to be checking out all my opponents in the game, seeing which ones I can work and align with, who I can’t and as the game progresses, I’ll start playing the game bigger and bigger and bigger,” he said.
Season six winner Hayley is back, but this time she knows coming into the game, she’ll have a target on her back.
Hayley has experience taking out a few Villains in her time but is also ready to hold onto her crown, saying, “A few people have won Australian Survivor now, but no one’s done it twice. And if anybody’s going to do that, it’s gonna be me.”
Gold Coast lifeguard Matt is described as loyal and trustworthy, but he revealed that he is ready to make big moves saying: “I’m here to play, not to just sit back and relax.”
“I might be the nice guy around camp, the nice guy to people’s faces, but I’m out here to blindside, to find Idols, make moves and play big.”

Nina, Paige, Rogue, Sam, Sharni and Shaun

Survivor royalty Nina, the daughter of Survivor Legend Sandra, had her game cut short in Blood V Water and is ready to come back stronger than ever.
Nina also has a bonus reason for playing in Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains. She said: “I’m here in Samoa and as some people may know, my mum played as a Villain here and won! If this season was made for anybody, it would be made for someone like me cause I’m a Hero raised by a Villain.”
The beaches of Samoa could not be further away from Paige’s real life as a Ringer and Jillaroo in Central Queensland.
Paige is there to win but also wants to experience something challenging and make new friends. She said: “I think making friends is probably most important. Obviously, everyone wants to win, and I wouldn’t mind a new car or a house. But I think even if I didn’t end up winning, I would be okay with that, knowing that I had made some really good mates.”
Film-maker and animal activist Rogue says she’s perfect for playing the game because of her interest in and insight into people’s behaviours.
“I think being with a bunch of strangers is exciting to meet and interact with people I would never normally have the opportunity to know. What amazing stories and experiences we might share. I’m not a huge fan of the hangry situation but let’s see what happens,” she said.
is the original hero, having played in the very first series of Australian Survivor on the shores of Samoa and lasting 49 days without a single vote to his name until he was sent home.
“Coming into this game as a returnee, I see the game completely different. I’m coming in here with a pretty similar strategy, but I feel like the energy in Survivor is a lot more cutthroat, and I may be wrong, but I’m looking forward to it, I’m looking forward to the challenge,” he said.
hopes to shed her actress side on the show to reveal the real her. Growing up as a state swimmer and dancer, and doing her own stunts at work, she is not shy of the physical aspect of the game.
But she’s also excited to put her social strength of being ‘the mole’ to good use. Sharni says, “My friends call me the mole. Just try and keep a secret from me, I will always find out. I’m looking forward to using my inner mole in this environment to find out all the information about everyone. Hopefully where there’s some hidden Idols too, the mole will find them.”
As one of the best challenge beasts Australian Survivor has seen, Shaun hopes his social game will take some of the attention away from his physical game.
After lasting 32 days in Australian Survivor: Champions v Contenders, he’s come back with unfinished business saying, “Last time I was complacent, and there’s no room for complacency in this game whatsoever. You can’t leave an Idol in your bag for 14 days without looking at it.”

Australian Survivor

Australian Survivor – Heroes


Anjali, Fraser, George, Jackie, Jordie and Liv

As a celebrated journalist and anchor, Anjali has crossed paths with many Heroes and Villains in her line of work. While the social side might be a strength, Anjali thinks the challenges could change her outlook.
With her humour and good nature, she said being a Villain is not her usual way of describing of herself.
“After I did Real Housewives of Melbourne, it emerged that I was the Villain of the season, and I loved it! I love being a Villain because they’re the interesting and fun ones.”
Knowing real estate agents don’t always have the best reputations, Fraser is planning to use that to his advantage.
“The hardest thing in my job is to get people to trust you and that is my number one goal and that’ll get me to sole Survivor. I’ll get my tribe mates to trust me because I’ll find out what their goal is, what their dream is, and I’ll make them think as if I’ll get them there,” he said.
Season six finalist King George is back and badder than ever. He is returning for the title and the prize money and thinks playing the dark side is the only way to get there.
“I’ve left Bankstown, I’ve come out here to Samoa to take back what’s rightfully mine – the crown that Hayley stole from me. I’m not coming to Samoa for redemption. I’m coming back for salvation and as a pure Villain.”
, Australia’s most successful female poker player from season three, is returning to Survivor with experience to back her and a new villain attitude.
“I’m going to be staying away from that chaotic, kind of volatile players. I think early on, I need to surround myself with people I can somewhat trust, and that’s the way I’m going to be playing this game, look for those connections early, and hopefully, they’ll get me through to merge, and then I re-adjust as needed.”
, landscaper and fan favourite from Australian Survivor: Blood V Water, has taken his lessons from last season to play a new, more Villainous game.
He knows that returning players can come in with targets on their backs and is hoping his social game will help him make alliances quickly. “I think the Villains are going to be a good bunch to hang out with because we’re all going to having fun and stirring the pot. It’s going to be way more fun than being on the Heroes tribe, that’s for sure!” he said.
Pole vault champion Liz comes to Survivor with dedication, practice and self-control. After making the decision to resign from the sport and shift to marketing, she is ready for the challenge Survivor will throw at her.
Liz believes if there’s ever a tribe for her, it’s the Villains, saying, “I’m a good person, but my personality is very much larger than life – aggressive, short-tempered and a Taurus!”

Michael, Mimi, Sarah, Shonee, Simon and Stevie

Michael, a journalist, joins the Villains tribe as a big fan of the game and in honour of his late mother who passed away in 2017.
He said of joining the Villains: “I love that a Villain wants to get their hands dirty and that’s my mentality. I’m not looking to play the perfect game, I know I’ll make mistakes, but I love that Villains just don’t care about ruffling the feathers. I’m prepared to lie, cheat and steal and do whatever I can to get to the end.”
Melbourne PR and communications manager, Mimi, is used to being underestimated working in a male-dominated industry of luxury cars, and has learnt to stand her ground.
She knows working with a group of Villains means she’ll need to be on her toes, but that’s part of the fun. “I’m so happy to be on the Villains tribe because there’s no limits, no expectations, and you can do whatever you want.”
is a Miss World Australia and a semi-professional rugby league player, having represented Queensland twice in the sport – both as brutal as each other.
It was during the Miss World that Sarah was accused of her villainous side, saying, “When I was representing Miss Australia at Miss World, a bit of controversy happened. Miss Greece told everyone, and it was all over the news that I had pushed her down the stairs of a bus and ruined her chances of winning. I didn’t, but if I did, she wouldn’t have gotten up!”
is no stranger to the game, having played in seasons three and five. Playing a total of 89 days across her two series, including her returnee as an All Star, Shonee has made it 4th and 7th previously but there’s only one spot she wants this time, and that’s first.
“I’m so glad I’m not on the Heroes tribe, that just seems like a whole big snoozefest, and I’m all about the fun. I’m so excited that I’m in a tribe full of Villains. These are my people. I think Villains have the upper hand because we are expecting people to blindside us and lie to us.”
was the first person in Australian Survivor to be blindsided by two Idols before Merge, and this time he is back for redemption.
As a natural leader in the real world, Simon wants to step back from that and embrace his dark side. “As a Villain, you thrive in the chaos, you get your hands dirty, and you really bring Survivor to life because, without Villains, this game would be so boring.
“I’m pumped to be a Villain because last time I tried to play as a Hero and look how that went for me. This time I can really unleash my full potential.”
Sneaky Stevie, from season three, is ready for the beaches of Samoa. He made an impression then and is back for revenge.
“I was too kind back then, I was sneaky, but I should’ve been more. I had a blast, but there was one person who blindsided me – Shonee. She’s been in the back of my mind for four years, and I’ve been dreaming of getting back at her.”
“As a villain, I can be all the worst characters all in one. Last time, I had no strategy, I had no plan, and I was trying to be a Villain. But I was more like an apprentice Villain. But this time I’ve had time to study how to become a real Villain, and I’m going to really show everyone how it’s meant to be. I’ll be the master this time.”

Australian Survivor - Villains

Australian Survivor – Villains

Top image: Benjamin, Hayley, Nina, Shaun, George, Shonee, Stevie and Anjali


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