TV Guide: AFL Grand Final 2019 Richmond Tigers v GWS Giants

• How many viewers will it take to break AFL Grand Final record?

In the 29 AFL Grand Finals held since electronic measurement was introduced for FTA TV ratings data in 1991, Richmond has played in one, winning the Premiership in 2017.

In that same period GWS Giants played in none of course, having only entered the competition in 2012. They have played plenty of finals over the past couple of years though ahead of their first Grand Final appearance this weekend.

Teams from outside of Victoria have a huge impact on audience numbers. A team from outside of the state has featured in 19 of the last 29 Grand Finals.

Five times in the past 19 Grand Finals the combined national audience passed 4,000,000 average viewers – the most recent in 2016 for the Bulldogs v Sydney. Sydney played in four of those five matches.

In those years the metro viewing audience has passed 3,000,000 three times, the most recent also in 2016 for the Bulldogs v Sydney game.

The biggest regional audience was 1,234,000 for the Collingwood v Brisbane game in 2003. The regional audiences have passed 1,000,000 five times, the last time also for that Bulldogs v Sydney match.

The biggest Sydney crowd watching an AFL Grand Final was 991,000 in the 2005 match against West Coast. The following year when both teams were again in battle the number dropped to 759,000.

Biggest TV crowd for AFL Grand Final
2005: 4,443,000 for Sydney v West Coast
(Metro 3,386,000, Regional 1,057,000)

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