TV Demand: WandaVision wraps up, South Park gets a shot from the vaccination special

south park

• Wandavision remains in the top position across all four charts

With Marvel’s WandaVision wrapping up on Disney+, discussions about whether the residents of Westview got the justice they deserved, and what will happen to the Scarlett Witch now have kept the show firmly in first position across all four charts this week. 

WandaVision is the first Marvel show to be released on Disney+ for the year, but The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, and Ms. Marvel are all shows to watch out for when they’re released later this year. The wait won’t be long, with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier due for release this Friday, March 19.

The other big hitter of 2020 and spilling into 2021, The Mandalorian, has held steady in fourth place on the overall chart and second place on the digital original charts. Coming in at 21.8 points above market average on the digital original charts, the gap is narrowing between The Mandalorian and third place The Crown at 17.8.

Whilst the pre-production of a third season may have helped keep The Mandalorian at the top end of the charts since its season finale aired in December, it’s also a testament to the immense popularity and staying power of the Star Wars franchise.

The next addition to the Star Wars universe, The Book of Boba Fett, is due for release in December this year. 

Long-running satire series South Park has come in at fifth place on the overall chart in Australia and eighth in New Zealand. The boost comes off the back of the show’s hour-long South ParQ Vaccination Special. The episode leaves no stone unturned, skewering everything from pandemic life and vaccination envy, to its more well-covered topics of divorce arrangements and child activism.

The episode aired on March 10 and is the follow up to The Pandemic Special, which aired September 30, 2020.

Top 10 Digital Original Series: Australia  Top 10 Overall TV Shows: Australia
RankTitlePlatformDifference from Market Average  RankTitleDifference from Market Average
1WandaVisionDisney+                                                    39.1  1WandaVision                                                39.1
2The MandalorianDisney+                                                    21.8  2Attack On Titan                                                23.6
3The CrownNetflix                                                    17.8  3The Walking Dead                                                22.8
4The BoysAmazon Prime Video                                                    14.4  4The Mandalorian                                                21.8
5The ExpanseAmazon Prime Video                                                    12.5  5South Park                                                20.9
6The Handmaid’s TaleHulu                                                    12.4  6Outlander                                                20.5
7Cobra KaiNetflix                                                    11.7  7Grey’s Anatomy                                                19.0
8For All MankindApple TV+                                                    10.6  8Game Of Thrones                                                18.7
9Stranger ThingsNetflix                                                    10.5  9Shameless                                                18.0
10Ted LassoApple TV+                                                    10.1  10The Crown                                                17.8
Top 10 Digital Original Series: New Zealand  Top 10 Overall TV Shows: New Zealand
RankTitlePlatformDifference from Market Average  RankTitleDifference from Market Average
1WandaVisionDisney+31.3  1WandaVision                                                31.3
2The MandalorianDisney+14.6  2The Walking Dead                                                16.7
3The CrownNetflix13.2  3Attack On Titan                                                16.2
4The BoysAmazon Prime Video11.6  4PAW Patrol                                                15.4
5The ExpanseAmazon Prime Video9.5  5The Mandalorian                                                14.6
6The Handmaid’s TaleHulu6.3  6The Voice (US)                                                13.9
7The Grand TourAmazon Prime Video5.8  7Shameless                                                13.5
8ServantApple TV+5.3  8South Park                                                13.3
9For All MankindApple TV+4.3  9Peppa Pig                                                13.3
10LuciferNetflix4.1  10The Crown                                                13.2
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