TV Demand: Saturday Night Live brings in Goober The Clown

Saturday Night Live

• Across the ditch, New Zealand is still loving Ted Lasso

Topping the overall Australian chart this week is Saturday Night Live. Audiences tuned in to watch Goober the Clown – Cecily Strong in a clown costume – talk about the Texas abortion law. During the sketch Strong spoke about her own abortion in her 20s while making balloon animals. “I had an abortion the day before my 23rd birthday … but it’s a rough subject, so we’re going to do fun clown stuff to make it more palatable,” she began.

The Mandalorian spent ten weeks strong at the top of the charts after the release of a second season, until it was unseated by Cobra Kai all the way back in January. It returned to the top of the Australian digital originals chart last week.

The spike comes as set photos from the highly anticipated third season have been released, involving a mysterious new character.

The Mandalorian was a huge hit for Disney+, and while it didn’t stay in the number one position throughout the entire calendar year of 2020, it started and ended the year reigning supreme. 

Across the ditch, New Zealand is still loving Ted Lasso. The Apple+ hit topped all four charts as its third season wrapped up, but it still has a stronghold on News Zealand’s digital original chart.

In the show, American Ted Lasso is a coach of college-level American soccer team. He finds himself recruited to coach an English Premier League team, AFC Richmond, despite having absolutely no experience in that level of the game.

Season two explores the titular character’s mental health and drills down into what makes each character tick.

Overall in New Zealand, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver won out, as the show got ready to wrap up its most recent season. 

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