TV Demand: Game of Thrones in cruise control + Titans join top five

• All eyes will be on the biggest finale of the year when Game of Thrones finally concludes

Game of Thrones refuses to slow down posting another demand expressions score close to 20 million (Aus) and topping the Overall TV charts in both Aus and NZ. With the season finale falling into next week’s scoring period it will be interesting to see how high it can get, after already setting unmatched numbers throughout its final season.

Lucifer has extended its lead of the Digital Originals chart this week after making 2.82m (Aus) and 322,889 (NZ) demand expressions which were both increases on last week as it continues its momentum after releasing its fourth season two weeks ago

The biggest movement this week in the Australian Digital Originals chart is by DC’s Titans which features Australian actor Brenton Thwaites as Dick Grayson (AKA Batman’s sidekick Robin) who leads his own group of young superheroes. Anticipation for season two (due out later this year) has started to increase in the last few weeks as more information continues to come out about the production such as Robin’s new look and Game of Thrones Iain Glenbeing being cast as Bruce Wayne. Titans join its own spin-off Doom Patrol in the top five of the Digital Original Charts after dropping out earlier this year but has made a big return featuring at number three in Australia.

As predicted last week The Big Bang Theory moved up the chart in quick order after airing its last ever episode last week after 12 seasons. The surge saw the show move to fifth (Aus) and third (NZ) spots respectively on the Overall TV charts.

Although all eyes will be on the biggest finale of the year when Game of Thrones finally concludes, it has already gotten over 20 million demand expressions once this year, will it be able to do it for a second time?

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