TV breakfast star takes on newspaper columnist over fake news

• Journalist labelled a ‘bully & bullsh*t artist’

Sunrise co-host Samantha Armytage has hit out at a column by The Sunday Telegraph’s Annette Sharp that was published on the weekend under the headline: ‘Armytage miffed as prime Oscars gig goes to Sonia Kruger’.

In a long Instagram post on Sunday, Armytage wrote:

There’s a very odd woman who works for one of the Sunday papers.

Her name is Annette Sharp & she’s been obsessed with me for 8+ years in a kind of creepy, nasty, menacing, mean way.

I don’t know her from a bar of soap, but she seems a dreadful bit of gear.

She is certainly no friend to women & most worrying for someone in her position, she simply makes stuff up.

Sharp asked in her Sunday column: Has Sonia Kruger’s return to the Seven Network put the lovely nose of Sunrise breakfast host Sam Armytage out of joint?

Arymtage called the column more “crap about me Sonia Kruger”.

The Seven breakfast star continued:

I usually rise above [Sharp’s] rubbish (as I was raised to do with bullies) but this year I’ve decided to call out her bullsh*t.

Weekly, if necessary.

I thank her for saying I’m glowing this year.

I am. My life is happy at work and outside it.

Which is more than I can say for her, it seems.

And I ask her to refrain from calling me Sammy. That’s only for my friends.

If you don’t like my peaches Annette, don’t shake my tree.

I write this for all the girls (& boys!) out there, to stand up to bullies & bullsh*t artists in 2020.

I’ll see you all bright & early tomorrow @sunriseon7 , when @kochie_online & I will be joined by the Uber-glam @soniakruger for the Oscars.

Read Annette Sharp’s column here.

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