Triple M Sydney’s Moonman In The Morning tackles domestic violence

• Tune in to the one-hour special this Sunday, March 1st, from 5pm – 6pm

Triple M Sydney’s Moonman in the Morning breakfast show will host a one-hour special this Sunday 1st March at 5pm titled Moonman takes on Domestic Violence.

During this one-hour special, in an effort to raise awareness of this abhorrent issue, Lawrence Mooney, Jess Eva and Chris Page will talk to those who have been involved with or directly affected by domestic violence in some way.

Guests include: Psychotherapist Kaylene Wynn who was a former white ribbon ambassador, a Triple M listener, who broke his AVO 21 times before he was eventually sent to jail and rehabilitated himself, a NSW Police Officer who works in the domestic violence department, and Jess Eva will share her very personal story about domestic violence.

Mooney said: “We wanted to tackle domestic violence a different way so we’re asking those who think they have the potential for violence to put up their hand and ask for help.”

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