Tom Gleeson takes a hilarious dig at Melbourne radio shows as he welcomes Ben, Liam & Belle

Tom Gleeson

“It’s good to have some people on-air that are under 40,” Gleeson pointed out to the chuckles of the trio

Tom Gleeson welcomed the new Nova 100 breakfast hosts Ben, Liam & Belle to the Melbourne airwaves with open arms on Tuesday.

But the comedian’s welcome wasn’t without its tongue-in-cheek moment, which was also shared on Instagram, as he took a dig at other radio shows in the Victorian capital.

Gleeson said: “It’s so good to be on a brand-new radio show. Welcome to Melbourne. I think this is fantastic.”

“It’s good to have some people on-air that are under 40,” he pointed out to the chuckles of the trio.

“I think you are the only radio show in Melbourne where you are under 40. You’re talking about having new babies, on other radio shows they’re talking about their kids and what uni they need to go to, when they’re going to retire,” Tom Gleeson added.


Ben, Liam and Belle

Ben Harvey, Liam Stapleton and their long-time producer Belle Jackson took over the Chrissie, Sam & Browny breakfast show in December, just before the Christmas and New Year break, before returning on January 4th in 2023.

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Looking to the year ahead, the trio were tight-lipped about any plans they had for their new home, but admit that “there are some pretty crazy ideas flying around.”

Stapleton said: “We’ve always tried to do bigger things – look at the history of the show from our community radio days, even then we were trying to do things to make noise. Throughout the years – you can certainly see after Triple J and coming to Nova – when there are bigger teams and bigger budgets available, you’re allowed to pull off more spectacular things. 

“We’ve already had a few ideas thrown out there to the team that probably made them go, ‘okay, interesting. I don’t know if we’ll make that work’. But we’re often surprised by what the people at Nova can help pull off.”

The year ahead will be a particularly exciting period ahead for Harvey who recently revealed that he and his wife, Samantha, are expecting their first child together.

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Top image: Tom Gleeson

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